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Insecurity, worry and fear paralyze in the long run. The first step out of this situation is your will to change something. The next step could be joining a martial arts club or just visiting We present you tips around the topic of safety: Martial arts, self-defense weapons, basics with tips and tricks.
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Martial arts at a glance

There is a wide selection of martial arts, all of which will help you increase your fitness level and ability to defend yourself.



Muay Thai

MMA: Mixed Martial Arts



Jiu Jitsu



Tae Bo

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Weapons for defense at a glance

Of course, weapons for self-defense are always the last resort, even better one is defensible without weapons. However, not everyone has the necessary physical conditions for this.

Stun Gun

Pepper Spray

Quartz gloves

Alarm Guns


Real Action Marker


Pocket Alarm

Self defense Umbrella
Tactical Flashlight

Safety & Self Defense Tips

In every city, there are unsafe areas that people avoid for safety reasons. But it is even more important to feel safe at home. Here's how you can improve the situation.

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Tactical clothing and equipment

Here you will find tactical equipment for camping or as survival equipment.

Emergency backpack

Combat boots

Survival bracelet

Tactical Pants

Alarm systems

Tactical Jacket

Motion detector

Tactical Gloves


Here you can find frequently asked questions and an attempt to answer them. For details please click on the individual entries.

Weapons or martial arts?

The main reason for learning a martial art is, for most, the desire to be able to defend themselves. First comes the security, then comes the rest.

  • Learn the ability to self-defense, without weapons is always recommended to learn. Because then the ammunition or battery can not run out, his muscles you always have with you. In addition, a weapon can always be used against you.
  • Self-defense weapons can give especially physically impaired people the chance to defend themselves under their own power. However, the use must be practiced and the weapon must be ready for use. Not all weapons are license-free. Therefore, you should know a little about which weapons are allowed, where you can carry them and when you can use them.

When is it allowed to defend yourself?

If, for example, your life is in danger, you are attacked or sexually harassed, you may defend yourself. An altercation of this kind usually falls under self-defense.

  • There are no limits to self-defense. However, the mildest possible form should be used.
  • Violence should never be used lightly, also because a disproportionate use of force can often have legal consequences for the assault victim.

Emergency situation: And now what?

The reason for the attack can be a robbery, rape or a personal quarrel. The first moment is to get them under control:

  1. Escape: The first priority is always to flee. By running away, one may be able to escape the danger.
  2. Call for help: In addition, one should alert strangers to the emergency situation by calling for help.
  3. Dial 110/ 911: If possible, also dial 911 immediately and be the first to state the location and emergency.
  4. Talking: If the first options do not offer any help, it is important to calm the situation by talking – and to plan self-defense.
  5. Counter-defense: Which liberation strike through self-defense techniques and self-defense weapons can serve depends on the number, gender and own physical condition as well as that of the opponents. Anyone can fight back

Which martial art is suitable for self-defense?

To cut a long story short, all martial arts will help you if you need to defend yourself in an emergency. However, the sports differ not only in their names, but in their approach.

  • Judo, for example, is all about achieving a big impact with as little effort as possible. In other words, the focus is on falling, holding and choking techniques.
  • In karate or kickboxing, on the other hand, the emphasis is on defense and striking techniques and hardly any holding techniques. This is not to say that Judo is not suitable for defense, it just has a different approach.
  • Krav Maga, for example, was drilled for effectiveness from the beginning and is therefore suitable for many age groups and also for people with weak physical condition.
    Special self-defense courses can specifically prepare you for emergency situations. This has the advantage that one is prepared in case of an emergency and reacts in a controlled way instead of panicking.

Furthermore, one should not assume that a short crash course is sufficient to defend oneself against several opponents, this requires practice. If you are looking for particularly effective techniques, then specially tailored courses for women or men may be advisable. Here, knowledge is specifically taught how to defend oneself quickly and pragmatically and how to escape.

What are the benefits of practicing martial arts?

Martial arts are not only for defense. There are a number of positive side effects, for which alone it would be worthwhile to practice the sport.

  • Martial arts, as the name suggests, is also a sport. As a rule, several weekly training sessions are used to increase fitness.
  • The exercise of complex kicks, punches and throws are not without difficulty and require good agility. Anyone who has ever tried a karate kick will be able to confirm this.
  • A punch has to sit, otherwise it has no effect, is easier to defend against and just wastes energy. Therefore, a certain amount of coordination is necessary.
  • There are attack and defense combinations, called kata in karate, for example, that require memory to execute them in the correct order.