Owners of weapons need a gun case not only for legal reasons. Because with a gun case weapons become inaccessible to unauthorized persons. Most models are designed more for the transport of weapons. However, the cases are mostly also suitable for weapons storage for your own four walls.

For which weapons a case is necessary, which manufacturers there are and what you should look for when buying, you will learn in the following.

The most important facts in 30 seconds

  • Gun cases function as a means of storage and transportation – and all of them are lockable.
  • The assortment has different sizes, the chosen size of the case depends on the particular weapon.
  • Gun cases are made of either wood, plastic, aluminum or leather.
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Gun case: For which weapon?

The market offers different gun cases. Numerous different models are adapted to the needs of the various weapons, which are present in the gun market. The choice of the appropriate case determines the particular weapon. It may be the following devices:

Long gunsLong guns, such as rifles, are well kept in a special gun case. The cases are made of either a high-quality plastic or wood. Furthermore, plastic cases contain an interior, which consists of foam inlay. Such models act not only as a transport case, but also as a storage case. For the respective weapon accessories cases for rifles also provide enough space. In addition, long gun cases have hinges that snap neatly into place. Thus, the case remains closed. Furthermore, you have the option of attaching locks thanks to the integrated eyelets.
Short weaponsPistol cases are suitable for handguns. They act as a means of transport and storage at the same time. Pistols and revolvers are well protected from impacts in these gun cases thanks to the foam inserts. Spare magazines also have enough space in the pistol cases. These cases are also closed either with clip locks or eyelets. If desired, you can attach a lock. This effectively prevents unauthorized access.
Other weaponsIf you own other weapons, such as knives or throwing weapons, the purchase of the universal equipment cases is worthwhile. Here you can also store crossbow, bow, blowpipe or something else. These score with numerous possibilities of use, which you can adapt to your needs. The advantage of the universal case is that you can, if necessary, misuse them. Thus, even smaller cameras or other valuables fit into this case. An integrated lock protects your weapons from unauthorized access.

Different variants of the gun cases

Gun cases are made of the following materials:

  • If you want to store or transport your weapons in a leather case, you will have to invest more in this model than in any other gun case. Leather cases are made of a high quality material. The interior is made of a good flannel. This acts as padding and reliably protects your weapons. In addition, leather cases for weapons contain mini codes that serve as a safety lock. The gun case called Heavy Duty works as a universal all-purpose case. Its size amounts to 86 cm x 26 cm x 8 cm. Its weight when empty is 4.5 kilograms.
  • Gun cases made of wood have a simple design. However, they can weigh up to nine kilograms. If it is a case for a long gun or a rifle, the dimensions are 132 cm x 33 cm. You can lock it effortlessly. Soft foam inserts protect your long guns.
  • If you do not like the first two variants of gun cases, you can switch to a case made of plastic. This is a strong ABS material. The interior is also made of soft foam material. Smaller cases measuring 31 cm x 20 cm x 6 cm protect and transport pistols and handguns.
  • You can use the aluminum gun case not only for your weapons, but also for other items. There are different models on the market. The interior is made of high quality foam. The external dimensions are 30 cm x 19 cm x 10 cm. The empty weight is about 900 grams.

Important functions

  • You should always keep your gun case closed, so that unauthorized persons do not have access to it. As far as the lock is concerned, you have a choice between the classic combination lock, a conventional key, and your fingerprint. The latter method is characterized by a high level of security.
  • If you want to transport heavier weapons (in terms of weight ) more often, a weapon case with wheels is a good choice. So you do not have to carry the weight and can drag it behind you.
  • Actually all models arewaterproof. This means that no liquid will penetrate in case of rain or splashing water. Of course, you should not dive with most cases.

Storage and transport of weapons

In order to understand the transport and storage of a gun case including a gun, you should be aware of what the legislator understands by the term transport. This stands for transporting or carrying a weapon that is neither accessible nor ready to fire. In addition, the weapon is in a locked gun case or container. However, the ammunition must be transported separately from the weapon.

According to Section 36 of the Weapons Act (WaffG), transportation does not constitute storage. For this reason, the transport conditions do not apply to the storage of weapons. Nevertheless, you should take necessary safety precautions into consideration. This will effectively prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your weapons. Furthermore, you are on the safe side if you store the ammunition in another place, separate from the gun case.

For your own four walls you should buy a high-quality gun safe. The storage in the gun case is not sufficient and sensible. This is because the case can easily be stolen.

Buy gun case

Would you like to buy a gun case online? Then just look at the assortment, there are no conditions for the purchase and you can order directly:


FAQ about the gun case

In the following paragraph we try to give an answer to frequently asked questions.

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