Judo not only keeps you fit, but also boosts your self-confidence. However, this is not enough for most women in martial arts, because they are also intended for self-defense. The question of whether judo for women can be used for self-defense can definitely be answered in the affirmative. Because even with little strength you can achieve a great effect.

Judo für Frauen
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Why Judo is especially suitable for women

Judo is still one of the most widespread martial arts in Germany. The sport also enjoys great popularity among women and rightly so, we say why:

Little force with great effect

Judo’s basic principle of using as little force as possible makes it particularly suitable for groups of people who have little body weight and need to compensate for this inferiority with better technique. This is already implied by the basic principle of judo. It is “winning by yielding” or achieving the “maximum effect with a minimum of effort”. So the opponent’s strength is used and used against him. Therefore, judo is also suitable for children.

Due to the fact that women are on average much lighter than men, judo is a very effective martial art for women. However, this does not mean that those of you who weigh a few kilos more are less suitable to learn Judo.

Other advantages of judo training

In contrast to the crash courses for women, where you are supposed to learn in a few hours only the specific physical defense against the male sex, the membership in a judo club offers various other advantages. These include, for example, new social contacts, a permanently increased fitness through regular judo training, a stronger self-confidence and a better feeling for your own body. All these points will not only push you forward in martial arts, but will positively influence your personality in other life situations as well.

Judo for self-defense

There is no special target group on which you can use the levers and throws of Judo particularly effectively. Rather, these are techniques designed for the purpose of being equally effective against any type of opponent. Judo for women can certainly be used as an effective self-defense, even against men. However, you should by no means link the effectiveness of the techniques to the male gender, but rather consider them universal.

In a confrontation against a single opponent, the techniques from the lessons will serve you very well, but should not be used lightly. A throw, for example, against an awkward opponent can quickly lead to serious fall damage.

And to anticipate one thing, in Judo the focus is on many falling and leverage techniques. In karate training, more punching and kicking techniques are integrated into the training (at least it feels that way). Nevertheless, both martial arts prepare you for a confrontation and make you defensible.

Judo for women for self-defense

Judo for women is best suited to defend yourself against male attackers, especially since they usually have far more strength and weight. To compensate these disadvantages by technique and body control is the main task of the judo school.

Video Women Judo

If you are not yet convinced that women who know Judo are able to defend themselves, you can find the proof in the video.


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German national women’s judo team in training