Judo equipment: everything for training

Here you will find judo accessories that you may need for your training. For the first trial training you do not need to buy judo equipment, but if you stick with it, you should buy judo accessories. Some of the equipment can be purchased cheaply through your club. It can be worthwhile to ask for a judo store, where you can take advantage of special offers.

Standard Judo Equipment

You can participate in your first training session in a relaxed manner, wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt. However, if you have discovered judo as the martial art of your choice, you will need equipment. The standard equipment includes these elements.

What types of judo equipment are there?

Since judo is a martial art that thrives on extensive physical contact, but does not involve punching or kicking, the amount of accessories needed is severely limited. Fist guards, for example, are not only unnecessary, but actively hinder the judoka by reducing grip strength.

Often, competition rules do not explicitly allow or prohibit every accessory, leaving the decision up to the referee. In general, however, anything that does not hinder or endanger the execution of techniques, one’s own safety, or the safety of the opponent may be worn.

Mat Shoes

You can buy so-called judo mat shoes from various manufacturers, which essentially fulfill 3 functions.

  1. …they keep your feet warm when training on quite cold mats in winter,
  2. …they protect your ankles when performing foot sweeps and
  3. …they provide a better grip.

During training, the shoes can serve you well in terms of protecting your feet. However, many dojos do not like the wearing of shoes on the mat, because they fear damage to the mats. Attention: Before a competition you should also check the respective competition rules to see if the wearing of judo mat shoes is allowed.


Those of you who regularly take part in competitions and therefore end up a little rough on the mat every now and then, should buy judo earmuffs. Various manufacturers offer different models, which in the end all have the same goal: To protect your ears from external injuries on impact.

Why is this necessary?

There is an occupational disease among judoka, boxers, wrestlers, and other physical athletes called “cauliflower ear” that results from cartilage formation in the pinna of the ear. Judo earmuffs can be very effective in preventing this problem, which often can only be corrected by surgery.

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Joint protectors

Joint sensitivity varies greatly from person to person. Some of you will train for years without judo joint protectors without experiencing any problems, while others will have knee pain after their first ground fight. There are models for the knees and elbows.

If you have sensitive joints, you should buy some judo joint protectors as a preventive measure.

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Groin Guard

There are several variations of judo groin protectors available on the market, but almost all of them have the same problem: their core is made of hard plastic and therefore they are forbidden to be used in competitions. However, if you buy a judo groin protector that is made entirely of foam or similar materials, you may be allowed to use it.

There is nothing to prevent its use in training and it is even recommended in childhood, as direct hits can hinder the development of the sexual organs.

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The same is true for the judo mouthguard as for the groin protector: the IJF has banned it for competitions. Voices against this decision have been loud, but have had no effect.

If you are among those who have dental crowns, fillings, bridges or braces in your teeth, it may still make sense to buy a judo mouthguard for your weekly training. Your trainer will certainly not forbid you to wear it, in the interest of your own health.

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Judo bandages are offered for many areas of the body, which protect the joint, stabilize the muscles and prevent swelling. Common places for bandages are the knees, elbows, ankles and wrists.

The advantage of the bandages is that they may be worn under the gi during competition, unlike the much thicker joint protectors, as long as there is a certain distance between the gi and the bandage.

So if you have such “problem areas”, you can buy judo bandages with a clear conscience and use them in training and competition.

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Skipping Rope

A very popular method for increasing endurance and warming up before training is the jump rope. In principle, you can use any conventional product, as there is no separate Judo jump rope.

However, the martial arts jump ropes offered in martial arts stores offer much more comfort during training and can usually be adjusted to the individual body size more easily.

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