The main task of the “Uwagi”, the suit jacket, is to absorb sweat and cool the body by evaporation of the same. Here, the stronger the fabric of the judo suit, the better the cooling effect, because the fabric can distribute the liquid better.

In 30 seconds the most important thing:

  • Make sure the judo suit is the correct size (see size chart below), as well as a fabric thickness greater than 12oz
  • Also important is the comfort of the fabric (high cotton content or 100%) and a machine washable model
  • For about 30€ you get a durable model that is perfect for training and competitions.
Pro Touch Herren Judoanzug Randori Judoanzug
  • Judoanzug Randori
  • Aus 100% Baumwolle
  • Für Fortgeschrittene und Wettkämpfer

FAQ about the judo suit

Especially as a Judo beginner you might have one or the other question about the Judo suit. For this purpose we have prepared a FAQ for you below. In the following we try to offer you answers to common questions.

© Csaba Peterdi -
© Csaba Peterdi –

What functions should a judo suit fulfill?

First and foremost, a suit should be functional clothing that keeps the body cool despite exertion. Another function is to ensure optimal mobility due to the wide cut of the clothes.

In addition, the suit makes it possible to throw the opponent without pain. For example, if one had to grab the neck instead of the sleeve, injuries could not be completely ruled out.

What does a typical judo suit look like?

A typical judo suit consists of a jacket, judo pants , and a judo belt. The color of the belt indicates which exams you have already successfully passed.

The most common color is white, so to speak, as a standard, but also blue, as this is often used to distinguish in competitions. Shoes are not worn, training and competitions take place barefoot. In winter, however, light mat shoes can be worn.

What is the fabric thickness?

The fabric thickness, given in ounces per square yard, or oz for short, is one of the determining factors for the resilience of the material. It usually ranges from 8 oz for entry-level suits to 16 oz for professionals.

Due to the harder fabric, an opponent is not able to apply grips as easily. In addition, the fabric thickness has a very strong effect on the regulation of the temperature. The danger of choosing too little fabric thickness is that the jacket will stick to your body wet with sweat and will not only feel uncomfortable, but will massively hinder you. Keep this in mind if you are one of those who sweat a lot.

Generally speaking, if you want to buy a judo suit, you can’t go wrong with a 12 oz or above strength. This is worth the higher price in any case. For the first few weeks of training, a lower strength jacket will also suffice, but you should be prepared for it not to last too long.

What are the special features of the judo suit compared to others?

The judogi must be particularly durable due to some throwing techniques that involve the clothing of the upper body.

  • The main reason to buy a high quality suit, otherwise you run the risk of finding your suit in two pieces after several throws.
  • Judo suits usually do not have lacing, as is common in karate, for example, because the strain of throwing could unknot or even tear the cords.

What size do you need?

When it comes to judo suits, the body size automatically determines the clothing size. Due to the cut, the jackets fit almost everyone of you who falls into the said size category. Only in exceptional cases, for example, if you are 1.77m tall and have very broad shoulders, it may happen that the jacket fits better for 1,80m to 1,90m. But this is a very rare case.

If you want to buy a judo suit, be sure to check the size charts of the respective manufacturer beforehand. In some of them you can find additional information. Basically, the following standards apply to the size:

Size Chart Judo Suit Men

Groessentabelle Karateanzug Herren

Size Chart Judo Suit Ladies

Groessentabelle Karateanzug Damen

Size chart judo suit kids

Groessentabelle Karateanzug Kinder

What do you wear underneath when you work out?

What is worn underneath depends, of course, on the temperature of the place where the judo training takes place. However, usually nothing is worn underneath.

  • Men are usually naked under the jacket, so that the suit can fully develop its cooling effect.
  • Women wear a top or sleeveless shirt underneath, due to the deep views that the judo suit allows.

What materials are used?

In almost all cases, pure cotton fabric is used, as it meets all the requirements for the judo suit very well. Some manufacturers partly use synthetic fabric, which has similar properties, but this is the rarer case.

How is the suit cleaned? Is it machine washable?

The judo suit is washable, but only by hand or with the washing machine on gentle cycle.

  • Most manufacturers write 30°C on the washing instructions, but often not all dirt disappears. You can risk it and increase it a little bit at your own risk, but temperatures higher than 40°C should be avoided at all costs, as the cotton fibers are very energetic when it comes to shrinking.
  • This means that if you wash your judogi at 90°C, it will fit a school child rather than you. Occasionally, your washing machine may display an error message during the wash cycle. This does not have to result in a call to the technician, because often only the unbalance control of the machine has triggered.
  • Check it yourself before you pay for the expensive service.

How to tie the judo belt?

Especially as a beginner you will have problems at first to tie your belt correctly, so that the judo suit fits properly. Your training buddies will certainly support you, you can also learn the correct knot from the video


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Fold judo suit wrinkle free

On the way to the training camp or competition you have to take your judo suit of course. So that you don’t end up with a wrinkled carpet, the following video shows you how to fold a suit without annoying wr inkles


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Buy judo suit

If there is no specialty store near you where you can buy a judo suit, just get it online.

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