Self defense weapons: Comparison, Legality & Guide

In other countries, it is common for every citizen to own a firearm. In Germany, the danger situation and also the legislation is different. But even here you can use a number of self-defense weapons. But which ones are suitable and legal for on the road? And which weapons are suitable for home defense?

We present you weapons for self-defense, which are legal and effective. And introduce you to the most important rules.


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The most important in 30 seconds

  • Self-defense weapons allowed: Yes, there are some self-defense weapons you can buy on Amazon. Some don’t even require proof of age (pepper spray, for example), but most do require proof of age (18).
  • Carry & Use Legal: This is where things get complicated. Some you are not allowed to carry (e.g. baton) or only with a small firearms license (e.g. alarm pistol). Others must be carried in a locked container.
  • Effective weapons: There are effective self-defense weapons. Pepper spray will disable an attacker and give you time to escape. Others you must know how to use to be effective (e.g., a Kubotan).
  • Home defense: To secure your home, there are alarms, but also a number of weapons that are good against burglars. The rules for gun ownership and use in an emergency are much simpler within your own home or grounds.
  • For women: For example, when jogging you can carry a shrill alarm, the alarm will drive away many attackers. Furthermore, there are other suitable weapons, which turn off an attacker first, for example, a stun gun.
  • Self-defense: If you fear for your life, almost “everything is allowed” to defend yourself – the exact explanation can be found below.

Below you will find a comprehensive guide to self-defense weapons.

Safety can no longer be taken for granted today

Not only self-defense weapons for women are in demand. Crimes happen at home in the form of burglaries, violence by the life partner or on the road during a visit to a pub.

33% of all women in Europe experience physical or sexual violence (EU study 2014 – source)

23% of Germans feel rather or very unsafe in public spaces. (Statista 2022 – source)

In 2021, there were 5.05 million crimes, of which about 0.5 million were violent crimes. (Statista 2022 – source)

Weapons for self-defense can help especially physically weaker people. In addition, you should attend a self-defense course or learn a martial art, so you can defend yourself and stay fit.

Self defense weapons list

Here you will find an overview of free self-defense weapons. Not every weapon is suitable for you. Since you have to use some defense weapons in close combat, others can be used from a distance. Within the articles you will get background information about the suitability as well as the acquisition, transport and possession.

When is it permissible to use self-defense weapons?

Weapons are not toys, violence and weapons should never be used. Therefore, weapons must not be used without reason, do not take this lightly, because there are penalties for violation.

Uses force and weapons only in the context of “self-defense” §32 StGB (source). “Self-defense is the defense necessary to avert a present unlawful attack against oneself or another.” Here are a few key passages from the paragraph:

  • Present attack: You are being attacked (physical attack, no jostling in the club) or the attack is obviously imminent (attacker rushes towards you). If the attacker is on the ground, there is no danger and it is not self-defense.
  • Your defense is required: you are being attacked and there is a need to defend yourself. Moreover, you must always use the mildest means. If you are two heads taller than the attacker, a blow is sufficient for defense and weapons are not required.
  • Propriety: You may defend your health and belongings, but if a child steals an apple from you, it would be completely inappropriate to use weapons.
  • Will to defend: Your guiding motive is defense, you want to defend yourself.

But you see, it is a matter of discretion and depends on the individual case – and there is a risk and that is up to you! Therefore, act proportionately and defend yourself only. Also have a look at this video:


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Always use force/weapons only in the context of self-defense!

Which weapons for women, children & seniors?

Which self-defense tools suit you best depends on the situation: Is it about walking home, jogging, at home? Below we try to offer advice:

Self defense weapons comparison

Which weapons for self-defense are particularly effective and against how many opponents can you defend yourself? We have dared to compare them and try to show how they differ.

Best weapons for self defense: At home & on the road

In the case of self-defense weapons, it is not possible to make such a clear statement, because self-defense weapons cannot be used by everyone to the same extent. In addition, the effectiveness differs according to the environment and distance of use. That is, there are suitable weapons depending on the target group:

Defense weapons for on the road

Pepper spray + pocket alarm

  • A pepper spray and a pocket alarm are a useful addition to a jacket pocket or a woman’s handbag.
  • The advantages are obvious: they are effective in an emergency, inexpensive to purchase, and can provide the means of escape when used, and that must be the goal.

With practice: Kubotan + stun gun

  • Both weapons require practice. If you can not handle them, or do not hit the right part of the body with the stun gun, then the weapons are not effective
  • In addition, you have to get close to the attacker with both weapons. This is always dangerous and should be one of the last options!

With force: defense umbrella + baton

  • Both self-defense weapons extend the range considerably. This is worth its weight in gold during a confrontation.
  • However, the weapons are only effective if the person also has enough strength.
  • Otherwise, in our opinion, the risk of escalation increases, which in the end means more damage to the victim.

With a small firearms license: alarm gun

  • A scare gun is effective no question. However, it is also expensive.
  • Prerequisite for carrying the weapon is the small firearms license – and never at public events. Therefore, it is often ruled out.

Self-defense weapons at home

When it comes to home defense, you should proceed step by step:

  1. It is crucial that you secure the weak points of your home appropriately. First and foremost, these are doors, windows and locks. This is the most important requirement, because if no one can get in, there is no need for defense.
  2. In the next step, you can install an alarm system for the house. This way, unauthorized intrusion will be noticed and (depending on the settings) alarm will be triggered, police will be informed, etc.
  3. Now we come to the last point, a burglar is in your home and you need to defend yourself. For self-defense these self-defense weapons and everything else that is tangible come into question
    • For distance: RAM pistol, crossbow, bow and arrow, softair, slingshot, etc.
    • For close combat: knife, baseball bat, baton, stun gun, kubotan etc.

Attention: We are talking about self-defense, your life is at stake. In addition the excerpt from the penal code §32

(1) Whoever commits an act, which is required by self-defense, does not act unlawfully.

(2) Self-defense is the defense that is necessary to avert a present unlawful attack from himself or another.

Self-defense weapons & weapons law: This is what you should be aware of

Buy self defense weapons

You can easily buy the following weapons from Amazon.

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