There are many causes that can contribute to someone perceiving you as a victim. You can eliminate most of these causes yourself by adjusting your behavior. We want to explain to you how you can go through life not to be classified as a victim by every potential perpetrator.

In 30 seconds the most important:

  • Through martial arts you will not only become defensible, but also self-confident and thus tend to be uninteresting for attackers.
  • Radiate your power through posture and a steady gaze.
  • In addition, you can take precautions with a self-defense weapon for the case of emergency.

Self-protection & Psychology: Safe Appearance

What role does psyche play in self-protection? Quite simply, it’s not just about self-confidence when actually fighting back, but an overall confident demeanor has been proven to protect against assault.

Do not take on the role of victim

The reason for this is that a self-confident person, who actively defends himself, is usually behind a confident appearance. It is well known that violent criminals do not like to fight back.

The problem is that especially people who are or were oppressed at home send out victim signals and thus also become victims on the street. This can be the case, for example, if a parent often acted aggressively and violently or if the youngest was kept down by his or her siblings. Such circumstances can make a person very insecure and lead to a submissive basic attitude, because besides surrender there are usually no alternatives here.

You take these sacrificial signals with you all your life and may become a victim of the group again and again if you do not actively work on eliminating these signs. This can show up especially in school and later in your professional life in the form of bullying. Here, the following two things are generally crucial.

The posture

The first criterion is the overall posture. People with their shoulders slumped and their gaze directed at the ground look broken and weak. The same applies if you barely lift your feet when walking or bury your hands up to your elbows in your pockets.

Check your posture in front of a mirror or film yourself walking and also make sure that your clothes fit properly. Do you strike yourself as a determined person?

Eye contact

The second point, which is perhaps even more important, is the type of eye contact. Immediately avoiding another person’s gaze downward signals submission, and this is exactly what you should always avoid. The same applies to fearful glances out of the corner of your eye.

Looking in another direction is okay if you return the look briefly. One or two seconds is enough, because intensive and long “staring” makes many people even more aggressive. However, by briefly returning the gaze, you symbolize alertness without challenging.

Effect of the knowledge of a martial art

In martial arts classes you will learn not only direct physical self-defense, but also many things that are useful outside of a confrontation.

  • Better posture and a more confident demeanor are just two of the things that make you appear defensible to the outside world.
  • Strengthening your muscles will ultimately affect your posture, giving you an overall stronger image. Especially in martial arts with form running, a very great emphasis is placed on correct posture, which will be reflected in your everyday gait.
  • First and foremost, of course, regular martial arts training helps build healthy self-confidence. Knowing that you know how to strike properly will take away the fear of doing it in an emergency. Because of this, you will be much less afraid to show courage and perhaps intervene in an incident or two.
  • The previously mentioned eye contact is trained with, especially in the competitive disciplines. You must finally learn here to fix your counterpart firmly and to meet him resolutely. You will no longer be intimidated so easily.

As you can see, martial arts not only train your body and mind, but are also a very successful form of prevention.

Selbstschutz und Psychologie

With these 3 measures you will become defensible

Part of self-protection is charisma, so that you are not identified as a potential, non-defensible victim by an attacker in the first place. But you can do something more:

  1. As described, learn a martial art. This knowledge you will always have with you and you can neither run out of ammunition nor be disarmed.
  2. It may also be a good idea to attend a special self-defense course. There you will be prepared for conflict situations.
  3. Finally, there is the option to increase your power with self-defense weapons, even against multiple opponents.

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