Slingshots are small, handy weapons that score with several advantages. They require regular training for accurate hitting. In addition, they have the ability to seriously injure an attacker or an animal. For this reason, this weapon should not be underestimated. In addition, the equipment plays an important role. The law on weapons allows the use of the slingshot or Fletsche, as slingshots are also called, but only in certain cases.

In the article you will learn background information about the legality and tips on how you can build a slingshot yourself.

The most important thing in advance

  • Slingshots are simple and straightforward.
  • Anyone can learn to use this weapon.
  • Previous knowledge is not required in relation to the use of the slingshot.
  • There are different variants of slingshots.
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Advantages of slingshot

A slingshot represents a simple mechanical weapon. It enjoys great popularity not only among children, it has a number of advantages:

  • You will learn to use it within a short time. This is due to its intuitive handling
  • It is effective, even at a distance of several meters
  • It allows, after a regular practice, a purposeful shooting.
  • The necessary ammunition is free and can be found almost everywhere. You can find stones in the wild. However, you also have the option to buy the necessary bullet. Steel balls are also suitable as ammunition

Is a slingshot legal?

In a nutshell: Yes they are – but only without arm supports.

  • Precision slingshots are prohibited by the Weapons Act. If you own them, you are liable to prosecution. Section 52(3)(1) of the Weapons Act provides for either a fine or imprisonment of up to 3 years for this offense
  • Arm rests on slingshots are also prohibited (even if there is a device for it). This also applies to other slingshots that require supports, even if they are not precision slingshots.

Slingshots that you use as a sporting weapon are permitted in Germany. Under certain conditions, the Weapons Act applies even to a slingshot. As soon as you use arm supports, wrist supports or similar aids, you convert your slingshot into a precision slingshot. You’ll increase your accuracy and increase the weapon’s kinetic energy. These conditions are enough to fulfill the mentioned conditions regarding the precision weapon

However, due to the fact that the market has high-quality slingshots along with ergonomic handles, you will be able to aim accurately without using arm rests. However, when buying, be sure to pay attention to the arm rests. There are dealers who sell such models (illegally), but if you buy them, then you have the problem…


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Slingshot for self-defense?

But be careful: If you use the slingshot against people, you can injure them and make yourself liable to prosecution! So use it only in self-defense and that is very questionable in practice with long-range weapons

  • With an attacker 20 yards away, couldn’t you have just run away?
  • If necessary, a slingshot for home defense or against dog attacks or animals in the wilderness can help
  • In close combat (i.e. when an attacker is pressing you and is 2m away) you can do little with a slingshot.
  • Therefore, you should rather look for another self-defense weapon, because slingshots are not so suitable for said reasons

The current areas of application of the slingshot

Since different types of slingshots exist, this results in different applications. They consist of the following variants:

  • Slingshotsand sport slings are also known asslingshots. The sport slingshot is similar to archery, but in Germany there is a small number of clubs that practice sport shooting with the slingshot. In the USA or Spain, on the other hand, such shooting sports clubs enjoy great popularity. Arm rests are also prohibited for the sport slingshot according to the Weapons Act. Countries that allow the use of the sport slingshot also organize sporting competitions in this category.
  • The hunting sl ingshot acts as a companion on a hunt for animals. However, it is prohibited in Germany. In the USA, on the other hand, the hunting slingshot is one of the permitted items. With a hunting slingshot you shoot not only the bait, but also wild boars. After a real firearm, a bow and a crossbow, the hunting will scores with the highest firepower. Even though hunting with the slingshot is forbidden in Germany, there is an exception rule. In case of self-defense, you have permission to shoot the animal with a hunting slingshot. However, this applies only if your own life depends on this attack of the animal.
  • Slingshots are very popular among anglers. They use the catapults to feed their prey on a wide water. A feeding catapult acts as a welcome help at long distances. It impresses with a long handle and a wide fork. This allows you to place your bait in a high arc on the water. Furthermore, these variants contain a bag. In this bag you place your maggots or your corn, before you shoot this bait.
  • Water bomb launchers provide an extra dose of fun at children’s birthday parties. There are also three different types of water bomb twists. Furthermore, they impress with a range that extends to several hundred meters. Moreover, these twists are suitable not only for summer fun, but also for the cold winter season. They also shoot snowballs.
  • A throwing bag slingshot , on the other hand, acts as a practical tool for tree work. Thanks to them, throwing bags fly directly into the treetops. A line is attached to the bag. Thanks to it, you can pull up ropes effortlessly. Furthermore, throwing bags score with a slingshot height worth 40 meters. In addition, throwing bag wills are characterized by a weight of one kilogram.

Make slingshot yourself

The advantage of the slingshot is that you can build it yourself with little and cheap materials. If you are one of those who have some manual skills, you can also build a slingshot yourself – below you will find instructions:

What you need

  • For this sports equipment you need a branch. It should have the shape of a Y. The branch fork should be made of a sturdy and healthy wood.
  • Two robust rubber bands (approx. 50cm length per band more)
  • A cord (e.g. parcel string)
  • Insulating tape (e.g. for tennis rackets)
  • Sandpaper
  • Varnish
  • A pocket knife
  • A small piece of leather
  • A stapler

Step 1: Handle and branch fork:

  • A branch fork of a hazel bush, oak or copper beech is very suitable for a slingshot. In addition, you can sand your sporting equipment clean as well as varnish it with oil
  • To benefit from a firm grip, you should tape it with an insulating tape. Once you have found a suitable branch fork, focus on its adjustment. This will make it fit better in your hand
  • Remove the wood bark accordingly. A pocket knife is best for this, provided it is not blunt. You will find that the slingshot fits better in your hand without the wooden bark
  • Then sand the slingshot smooth with sandpaper before painting it with oil for a classy look. You can repeat this process until you like the result.
  • At the ends of the “Y” you should carve two notches (or circular) with the knife. This is where the rubber is fixed.

Step 2: Fix rubber band

  • There are no limits regarding the rubber band. However, you should be aware that the rubber band determines the strength of your slingshot
  • You can’t go wrong with a rubber gasket that you cut in two. However, surgical tubing and rubber bands twisted together work just as well as convenient bands
  • They just need to be the same length and strong enough to withstand the tension.
  • You need about 50 cm of it, better take a meter, then you can try again if it doesn’t work.
  • Knot the rubber band to the two notches/circular notches of the branch fork
  • To make it hold even better, you can tighten the knots even more with some parcel string

Step 3: Launcher

  • Next, you’ll turn your attention to the matching launcher
  • A piece of leather or a part of your bicycle inner tube works as an ideal component for the device. For better stability, you have the option of applying several layers of leather on top of each other.
  • Pay attention to the size. On the one hand, the ammunition must fit inside, and on the other hand, the pack must fit snugly in your hand.
  • Use a stapler or knife to make small holes in the leather. To make it even more stable, apply tape over the holes so that it doesn’t fray
  • Now attach the two rubber hoses to the launcher. The best way to do this is to pull the rubber through the holes and knot the rubber end to the rubber hose.
  • Craft wire and cable ties are suitable for linking the rubber to the branch fork. Thick rubber bands can also be fastened with insulating tape.

Done – now you have made your own slingshot!

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