“Tactical watches”, also called “military watches”, are a part of tactical clothing. Their design is simple, but the functions differ from those of a conventional wristwatch. High-quality military watches also have important survival functions. For outdoor enthusiasts or hiking lovers, military watches represent an ideal companion.

The most important thing in advance:

  • Military watches often have functions integrated: GPS, compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer help locate in an unknown environment or solar cells to recharge the battery.
  • Tear-resistant, robust as well as scratch-resistant material transforms tactical watches into reliable outdoor companions.
  • Some models even have a blood pressure monitor. These are suitable for people who have problems with blood pressure.

What are the differences between tactical & normal watches?

Military watches used to fulfill in the war, only the purpose of accurate time coordination during warfare. Accordingly, a regulated arrangement acted as an effective means to increase the chances of survival of the troop members.

Wrist watches of the military captivated with their robustness and simplicity. Furthermore, they showed accurate time even in inferior lighting conditions. These advantages still stand for high quality military watches today. Extreme situations such as freezing cold, continuous rain or a strong heat cannot harm these watches.

Normal watches also do not have many of the following features . Therefore, the military watch is of greater help in rugged conditions.

What functions do tactical watches have?

Tactical wristwatches have useful features that provide valuable additional benefits not only to troops, but also to outdoor enthusiasts. Notable features include:

  • Compass
  • easy-to-read dial that glows in the dark
  • a special tear-resistant wristband
  • waterproof
  • robust, unbreakable and durable
  • scratch-resistant glass
  • light weight
  • non-magnetic
  • good camouflage
  • waterproof
  • GPS
  • Thermometer
  • Blood pressure gauge
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer

High quality military watches have a compass. This feature has proven to be extremely useful in practice. As a wearer of this watch, you do not need an additional compass to locate in difficult environments. The integrated compass allows you to perfectly determine the global directions.

Military watches are also waterproof. Depending on the model, they can even withstand a depth of up to 200 meters.

Conventional watches often have a sparse dial that is not easy to read or even nonexistent. Tactical wristwatches, on the other hand, are characterized by a clearly legible number display. You don’t have to guess the time thanks to the large dial. Furthermore, the numbers glow in the dark. Furthermore, neither the dial nor the glass of the respective watch case is reflective. Furthermore, the numbers glow in the dark. Furthermore, the numbers do not require any external light or energy source for their luminosity.

Robustness stands for a shatterproof as well as scratch-resistant glass. Unlike conventional watches, military watches can withstand a lot of wear and tear. You don’t have to worry at the first bump. The glass case can withstand a lot. Tactical watches do not know scratches. Furthermore, these models are characterized by resistance to breakage. Thus, they act as an ideal companion in the wild. Furthermore, your military watch can withstand a fall or impact, as they are shatterproof.

Unlike normal wristwatches, military watches are non-magnetic. In the military, being non-magnetic was an important feature. Magnetic watches can cause interference with onboard electronics.

Military watches had to take a lot of punishment during the war, but still had to perform their duty conscientiously. Not only the case, but also the watch band is characterized by robustness. Men who were in troops moved almost all the time. Their movements were powerful and fast. Therefore, there was a danger of getting stuck somewhere with the watch. For this reason, military watches have a strong strap, which does not break immediately. As a rule, the strap is made of a tear-resistant textile, rubber, silicone or plastic. These materials further impress with their light weight.

Good camouflage and no flashy design

Soldiers usually wear a camouflage suit. This resembles the colors of nature. As a result, the opposing force cannot recognize them immediately. Also, animals that are out in the wilderness and are out to attack do not immediately recognize the soldiers. The same is true for a military watch. It doesn’t stand out with flashy colors or an outlandish design. Instead, a tactical watch goes perfectly with a camouflage suit. For this reason, military watches are black, dark brown or gray. Furthermore, the mentioned models are characterized by a flat and inconspicuous design. Thus, they disappear easier under the sleeve of the sweater and are invisible.

Furthermore, high-quality military watches offer additional functions such as GPS, which allows for quick and correct location. Furthermore, there are also tactical watches that have Wi-Fi. This allows you to stay connected to the Internet. Furthermore, you can rely on the altimeter as well as barometer as reliable sources of information.

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