Self-defense with the help of exploiting human vital points enables attacked persons to successfully defend themselves against physically superior attackers. However, these should only be used in extreme emergencies. This is because defending oneself with the help of vital points is a double-edged sword that can dangerously injure the attacker. There are also vital points that cannot take strong blows and immediately incapacitate or kill the person.

In the following article, we present background information about vital and nerve points. Additionally, we present how an attacker can be incapacitated.

Dim Mak tödliche Nervenpunkte
  • Fruth, Christian (Author)

In 30 seconds, the most important things:

  • The human body has so-called vital points, which are enormously sensitive to pain. In case of a necessary self-defense, the knowledge about those points could help enormously.
  • Among the most famous self-defense techniques based on vital points.
  • People who are aware of the existence of the nerve points have an advantage in combat and should definitely use them only in extreme emergencies.


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What is a vital or pain point?

Since vital points stand out and are special, there are also a variety of synonyms for pain points, especially common are nerve points and pain points. In this context, the term “vita” comes from Latin, whose German translation is “the life”. Other common names for pain points are pressure, stimulus, acupuncture, acupressure and nerve points.

Thus, these points represent a significant aspect in human life, even though a large majority are not at all aware of it. If for some reason the vital points are injured or have to take a blow, it can become very painful or even life-threatening for the person concerned. However, just putting pressure on the mentioned points also triggers negative effects such as pain.

Differences between pain points

Biomechanical vital points are part of a successful defense in numerous self-defense techniques. These include the well-known liver chop as well as the blow to the attacker’s chin from an oblique angle.

  • Vital points of the blood vessels often make up part of the self-defense techniques. In this case, the defender compresses the attacker’s blood vessels and interrupts the attacker’s blood flow for a brief moment. This usually involves the carotid artery.
  • Acupuncture points represent important vital points for the flow of qi. A blow to such a point disturbs or interrupts the Qi. Classical acupuncture in medicine stimulates these points with the help of needles to cure many diseases, whereas martial artists disable the attacker with a blow to the acupuncture points.
  • Nerve points are directly connected to the nervous and vascular systems. Several nerve pathways meet at these points. Fighters who know these can directly reach the brain of the attacker and in this way multiply the pain.
  • Vital points between tendons and muscles are also among the most sensitive pain points. They are found wherever tendons and muscles unite.
  • Vital points at the joints are also very sensitive to pain. Painful joints cause paralysis in sufferers in the worst cases. A blow to the joints can actually paralyze the opponent for an extended period of time. Thus, joint pain is not only associated with the diseases of osteoarthritis or arthritis.

However, the individual pain points cannot be clearly separated. The hit on a pain and paralysis points differ in their effect. In the case of pain, either only a local area or a whole body area can be affected. Whereas paralysis caused by a blow can immobilize the entire body, lead to a loss of strength, balance disorders and even fainting.

Mit Vitalpunkten den Angreifer außer Gefecht setzen & Ko schlagen

Pain points in the human body

TempleThe temple is a vital point. A strong blow to this point will end fatally in the worst case. A dan-holder of Tae-Kwon-Do or Karate could kill the attacker with a half-break kick with the instep of the foot on the temple.
NoseAmong the other vital points is the nose. It is sensitive and does not take a blow well.
HeadGenerally, the head is a sensitive place that contains a high number of vital points. Strong blows to the skull can quickly become fatal.
Cervical vertebraeA blow to a specific cervical vertebra, which acts as a paralysis point, can paralyze the attacker forever.
Joints e.g. KneeKicks to vital points on joints such as the knee joint can also have lifelong consequences for the attacker. The knee is a delicate joint that often cannot be restored to the way it once was after injury. For this reason, defenders should be able to assess the consequences of their blows even in a self-defense situation.
Organs – e.g. kidneyThe kidney is a vital organ. It can burst in the event of a strong kick. The skin and flesh mass that lies between the kidney and the back is very thin and in no way protects the victim in the event of a blow. If the attacker has diseased kidneys, such a blow could put him in a coma.
GenitalsA hit in the genital area is also very painful for men. A kick “in the balls”, that is, a hit on the testicle is very painful. At the very least, this will ensure that you can take flight.

Since the vital points are very sensitive, people defending themselves should use them as a last resort in self-defense. Usually, this is the case with a knife attack or a firearm. Therefore, individuals who are assaulted should first call for help or consider fleeing. Because when defending oneself, one should be aware that by striking the pain points, if necessary, one will irritate the attacker even more or even miss them. His anger and desire to attack will increase. However, if a fight that knocked the attacker out was unavoidable, the defender should call for a police car and ambulance from a safe area after he has fled.

Knocking out attacker in a self-defense situation

In an emergency situation or attack, your health is paramount. And if your life is at stake, you must defend yourself, by all means, and here the concept of self-defense is also very relevant.

Because you should be aware that the attacker’s life is definitely in danger if you strike a vital point. Therefore, you must use this knowledge only in extreme emergencies.

In the following videos you can see how effective an attack or defense is with the knowledge of the vital points.


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Incapacitate the attacker

The Japanese term for applying striking techniques that target vital points is called Kyusho Jitsu. Kyu stands for sudden, urgent, and hurried. Sho means place, spot or point. Jitsu represents a technique or art.

Strike on vital points

Kyusho Jitsu allows physically weak and inferior individuals to incapacitate someone who is far superior to them physically.

  • However, individuals must master the special striking technique provided for this purpose as well as have an extensive knowledge of vital points. Both the angle and the direction from which the blow is to be delivered play an important role.
  • Furthermore, it is not the strength of a blow that plays the main role, but the accuracy and dosage. This can be especially difficult in reality, because the defender has to aim at a person who is moving.

If you are in danger, escape is no longer an option, and you don’t know how to help yourself, an attacker may be incapacitated in this way:

Defense without weapons

  • A hook to the chin is delivered from below at an angle and knocks the opponent unconscious. A longer squeeze of the carotid artery also puts the attacker out of action. A well-aimed front kick to the kneecap, definitely takes away a secure footing from the opponent, so that he automatically slumps and has to deal with the pain. As a rule, he is also unable to continue the attack.
  • The striking technique defenders should use in a self-defense situation depends on the opponent’s attack. After all, the attacker performs an action and the defender comes up with a reaction. Defenders should rather target vital points that are not fatal to the attacker.

Defense with weapons/objects

  • In addition, attacked people can resort to pepper spray. However, you should familiarize yourself with the legal requirements for carrying, using and storing self-defense weapons in Germany.
  • If you have nothing else at hand, you can reach for a stick or nearby stone to strengthen your blow. However, this should not be aimed at the temple, because this can be fatal.
  • In practice, defenders have occasionally succeeded with sand. If there is sand or earth nearby, it is worthwhile to quickly pick up the sand and then throw it into the eyes of the attacker. This is enough to make him flee and alert the police by means of a cell phone.

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