A survival backpack offers a collection of contents essential for survival. It can be grabbed at any time when you are in a hurry and need to survive the next few days. With us you learn which contents are absolutely necessary, which dangers threaten and how you can provide optimally.

Survival backpack contents: The contents of an escape backpack include many small items that you need to think about. They can be grouped like this:

  • Food: Durable food & sufficient amount of water
  • Equipment: fire, throw tent, tarp, knife, clothing
  • Documents: Identification papers, money and insurance cards
  • Health: medications, bandages, etc.

All contents are in italics with numbers in parentheses from (1) to (42 ) so you won’t forget any . ←

Survival Backpack

First, of course, you need a backpack; it adds survival essentials to your tactical clothing or gear. It should meet a few requirements, more specifically these: You should choose a durable as well as water-repellent backpack. In addition, the survival backpack contains several pockets and compartments so that you can easily separate the contents. In addition, it impresses with a high wearing comfort. Its size should have a capacity of at least 60 liters.

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Note: There are also filled escape backpacks. However, the contents are only partially good and the rest is plastic junk. We recommend purchasing the contents individually.


Since your body consists mostly of liquid, it needs especially in times of crisis Water (1). However, food does not play a minor role. You should have drinking water in your survival backpack, which will cover your liquid needs for at least three days. You can carry it either in a hard plastic water bottle or in a metal water bottle. Furthermore, no drinking cup is missing. At best it is made of metal (2) Tea bags and coffee powder you will also appreciate the numerous shopping possibilities.

You should also get a drinking straw including a cleaning filter. This will allow you to drink water directly. Iodine and charcoal tablets also belong in your backpack. In practice, energy bars have proven to be valuable energy suppliers. Apples act as a useful vitamin supplier. In contrast to other fruits or vegetables, they last a little longer in the backpack.

How much: Take water with you for 72 hours. Calculate with a minimum of 1,5l per person/day. More would be better, but it will be too heavy.

Dried meat & durable food

Thanks to the numerous shopping options offered by both stores and diverse online stores, you can pack durable delicacies in the survival backpack. Emergency food supplies have a shelf life of at least ten years. In addition, they do not require refrigeration. Among the (3) Foodsupplies you can buy include:

  • Canned food: pasta with sauce, curry sausage, potato soup with sausages, salmon with potatoes, chicken with rice, mushrooms with noodles, noodle pans
  • Bread: crisp bread and long-life bread such as whole wheat bread-canned bread
  • Spreads: Jam, honey, sausage, liver sausage….
  • Fruit: dried fruit and a nuts

The above-mentioned foods are true suppliers of energy. They fill you up and contain a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, which you will need when you are outdoors. However, you have to adjust your supply exactly to the time you spend in the great outdoors. Hunger and thirst not only affect your mood, but can also be harmful to your health.

How much: You should be able to bridge the first 72 hours after a disaster with the set of food. So you should plan for three meals per day/person. Try to focus on calorie bombs & vitamins.

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Compass & knives: pieces of survival gear

Crockery & Cooking Utensils

You will need a rudimentary set of kitchen utensils.

  • For cooking(4) gas stove, (5) grid & (6) pot
  • Mini set of (7) spices (salt and pepper)
  • Mini set on (8) cutlery (two forks & spoons, two small, deep plastic plates)
  • Second (9) knife
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(10) matches, (11) lighters and, if necessary, barbecue lighters should not be missing from your survival backpack. You should also pack these utensils waterproof . Fire gives you warmth, and thanks to the three tools mentioned above, you can prepare a warm instant meal or instant coffee in no time.

Sleeping Bag & Camping Mat

Don’t underestimate the cold of the night, even summer nights can be cold. That’s why your survival backpack should include a (12) high quality sleeping bagthat will keep your body warm, even in sub-zero temperatures. Ideally, you put the sleeping bag on a sleeping pad, which has a moisture-repellent bottom – but this takes a lot of space, so it should be omitted in case of doubt.

String, tarpaulin and fishing hook

(13) tarpaulin, the eyelets contain, you can use in different ways. They act as a cover for your firewood or as a tarp for your outdoor activity. However, you should make sure that your chosen tarp is sturdy. The edges should be sewn on both sides. Furthermore, high-quality tarps are equipped with a reinforced rope. They are also UV-stabilized. Ideally, the eyelets are made of a rustproof aluminum.

Furthermore, the tarpaulin is not only waterproof, but also tear-resistant. In addition, mold and bacteria have no chance with a high-quality model. A cord as well as a fishing hook allow you to use the tarp perfectly. Without these two details, you will not be able to attach the tarp.


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First aid & minimal hygiene set

The (14) First Aid Kit includes all the utensils you need to professionally clean and disinfect minor wounds.

  • Tweezers are suitable as tools to remove stings. In addition, the set contains plasters and bandages. Wound compresses, safety pins, a pair of scissors, a triangular cloth as well as a rescue blanket must not be missing in the set by any means.
  • You will also need (15) Medication to take, a few painkillers, disinfectant and a few tablets each for diarrhea, dehydration and fever.
  • Your minimal (16) Hygiene Set includes a toothbrush, two teaspoons of laundry detergent (wrapped in plastic wrap), a pH neutral curd soap, toothpaste and nail scissors.
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Clothing for all weather conditions

Your clothes ideally correspond to the climatic conditions of the respective environment. However, the following clothing items should be included in your survival backpack:

  • (17) Good footwearyou can also bring your own clothes that are suitable for hiking – of course, you don’t carry them around with you. Put it on when you grab the survival backpack.
  • (18) Laundry: a slip & bra, a functional T-shirt, long pants with detachable legs, hat or winter hat, outdoor jacket, gloves


(19) Candle, (20) Glow stick and a (21) flashlight to cranks are good companions for the darkness. Thanks to them you will find your necessary utensils faster at night. In addition, they have proven to be helpful signposts in practice. The moon is too weak as a natural light. Therefore you should have flashlights, candles or glow lights with you.

Glow lights have the advantage that they glow for up to 12 hours after being snapped. Thus, compared to a candle or a flashlight, they are more economical. The two light sources are to be used moderately in an emergency. For safety reasons, experts recommend carrying at least two different light sources.

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Tent, compass and map

(22) Tents fulfill several functions at the same time. They act as shelter and provide adequate protection from wind and rain. Your survival backpack should contain a throw tent. You can set it up completely within a few minutes. Furthermore, a throw tent is water repellent. Integrated ventilation nets ensure optimal air circulation. Sewn-in mosquito nets allow you to stay undisturbed in the tent.

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(22) compass and (23) map help you not to lose your orientation. For your own safety, you should learn how to use these two survival companions. The aforementioned utensils are impressive in that they do not depend on modern technology or a rechargeable battery. A compass with a fluorescent pointer as well as a ring to hang it on, will not let you down even in the dark.

Money & barter goods

You should have money with you in the form of small bills. After all, even in everyday life, you rarely leave your home without taking your wallet with you. The same goes for your survival backpack, which should contain a certain amount of money. However, the amount you need depends on your plan as well as the duration of your stay in the great outdoors.

In earlier times of crisis the following items have proven to be valuable (24) Barter goods proved to be:

  • Cigarettes
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Toiletries
  • Batteries
  • Coins or jewelry

Sewing kit & other

(25) Sewing kit is indispensable for small repairs. You should focus on the special sewing kit for camping and outdoor. This includes:

  • Thimble
  • Scissors (but you already have them in the survival kit)
  • Star thread
  • Darning thread
  • Safety pins
  • different needle sewing kits
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Knife, Leatherman & Saw

When it comes to the (26) knife, you should make sure to choose a special survival knife for outdoor activities. These are not only compact, but also powerful. Outdoor knives act as helpers in distress. Furthermore, they are space-saving and lightweight anyway. High-quality models are made of a stainless steel and an ergonomic aluminum handle.

A (27) Leatherman serves multiple purposes and due to its numerous functions and extras, it belongs in every survival backpack. Some of the uses include:

  • Can opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Saw
  • Small screwdriver
  • Wire stripper blade
  • Awl with eye
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • small screwdriver
  • large screwdriver
  • Wood and metal file
  • Crimping pliers
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • normal pliers
  • alternating wire cutter made of quality steel
  • alternate hard wire cutter made of quality steel

Since the Leatherman includes a small saw, you usually don’t need another saw. After all, the weight of the survival backpack should be portable. In addition, the Leatherman contains useful features such as:

  • lockable blades and tools
  • Stainless steel body
  • Hanging loop
  • Stainless steel handle
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Small block, pen & identification papers

Besides a (28) Pen as well as a small padyou should definitely remember your (29) identification papersyour passport, which is valid for at least six months. In the event that you want to rent a car, you will need your (30) international driver’s license. In addition, you should bring your insurance card and the (31) vaccination card and (32) blood type certificate in your document bag. The proof of your (33) international health insurance is also necessary.

In the event of a natural disaster, official documents are, of course, incidental.

Defense against attacks

You should have an emergency (34) Defense weapon with you in case of emergency. You should consider both attacks from humans and animals. However, find out in advance which items are allowed and which you like to use. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that defensive weapons work from different distances. Pepper spray can only be used at close range, when you are directly facing the attacker. The following means of self-defense come into question.

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Electronics and small items

Also think about the following electronics and not-so-categorizable odds and ends:

  • (35) Landed power bank
  • (36) Smartphone
  • (37) Rope cord
  • (38) Small radio
  • (39) Batteries
  • (40) Handkerchiefs
  • (41) Adhesive tape
  • (42) Neck pouch for children with name, address and contact details of parents

The federal government’s emergency backpack also has a few recommended contents, read more here.

FAQ about the emergency backpack

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