Muay Thaierfreut itself mittlerweilse world-wide of large popularity. Also known as Thai boxing, this martial art originated in Thailand and has been practiced there for many years. In the following, we would like to offer an insight into the history of Muay Thai.

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Muay Thai – part of the military training in Thailand

Muay Thai is a weaponless martial arts system closely related to the founding history of Thailand. The war between Siam, now Thailand, and Burma in 1767 completely destroyed the Siamese capital Ayutthaya. In the process, all records about the origin of Thai boxing, which had been collected in the state archives, were also destroyed.

However, from the old writings from Burma and Cambodia, it can still be seen that Thai boxing has always been an important part of military training in Thailand. Thus, the soldiers should learn to defend themselves successfully without the use of weapons. Accordingly, Thai boxing was further developed and adapted over many centuries.

Use of the martial art in war

In 1350, settlers founded the kingdom of Ayutthaya and the capital of the same name in what is now Thailand. The inhabitants had to repeatedly resist the attempts of conquest by the Burmese. This was accomplished for 200 years by using the martial art of Muay Thai. However, in 1569 the Burmese were able to capture the capital of Ayutthaya. Several years of foreign rule followed until the Thai prince Narasuen finally managed to escape from Burmese captivity in 1592. He drove the Burmese out of Ayutthaya in several campaigns.

Now followed about 200 years of prosperity and peace. The Thai people entered into their first trade relations with Europe. Nevertheless, Thai boxing continued to be intensively trained at the royal court and was further developed by uniting it with other fighting styles.

Continuous wars and reconquest

From this time there are traditions that tell of the Thai king Pra Chao Sua. He developed his skills and knowledge of Thai boxing to perfection. In disguise, he traveled to the surrounding provinces and defeated even the best athletes in the country. Finally, in 1767, the Burmese once again managed to conquer the capital city of Ayutthaya and bern the city to the ground. Since the archived records of Muay Thai almost completely fell victim to this fire, it is difficult to reconstruct the historical development of Thai boxing.

The Thai people were enslaved after the war. When a high-ranking Thai officer named Phaya Tak managed to escape from Burmese captivity, he united individual Thai troops into an army and reconquered the various Thai territories piece by piece. In 1769, Thailand was finally completely reunited.


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Muay Thai: guarantor for independence and freedom

Accordingly, Thai history is closely linked to the struggle for independence and freedom, which suggests that the development of the fighting system Muay Thai goes hand in hand with it. In modern warfare, Thai boxing no longer plays a major role, but it still has an important significance in the history of Thailand’s development. It has been constantly developed over the centuries and is therefore one of the most effective forms of self-defense today.

This is exactly why Thai boxing is also an important part of training and education for military and police units. In Thailand Muay Thai is the most famous popular sport and fills complete stadiums. The importance of Thai boxing in Thailand is comparable to the importance of soccer in western countries. Many martial arts enthusiasts travel to the island of Koh Samui every year to be trained by Thai fighters in training camps. The demands that Thai boxing makes on speed, stamina, and technique are very high. These focuses are mostly trained while jumping rope, at the punching bag, or during sparring.

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