Kickboxing is still one of the modern martial arts that enjoys increasing popularity. It scores with the ease of learning, which, however, requires strong discipline, good endurance and an iron will to get better. In addition, it increases the level of one’s fitness.

Learn from us in the article, how you can effectively learn kickboxing and whether training at home can be sufficient.

In 30 seconds the most important thing:

  • At first glance, the techniques of kickboxing seem straightforward and uncomplicated, however, you require a high level of diligence, practice and discipline.
  • To create the perfect conditions for learning the martial art, it is usually essential to attend a martial arts school.
  • Most sports clubs or sports schools require a minimum age of twelve for their kickboxing classes. They justify the age limit with better coordination, conditioning as well as cooperation skills with the teacher.

Kickboxing easy to learn?

Compared to karate or taekwondo, kickboxing scores with its smaller number of techniques. However, it also has links to the aforementioned martial arts, because kickboxers use both their hands and legs to perform arm and foot techniques. At first glance, kickboxing appears to be an easy-to-learn martial art that involves only a few techniques. But trained martial artists know that appearances are deceiving.

Although the techniques are not complicated, they require a lot of diligence, practice and discipline.


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Kicks with the feet require not only high muscle strength, but also a good stretch. However, those who want to learn this sport should make their way to a martial arts school. Because even if kickboxing has numerous similarities with traditional boxing or Muay Thai, it is difficult to learn self-taught.

While it is not impossible to learn this sport at home, an experienced kickboxing instructor can provide helpful advice. Moreover, he is a good motivator when one’s discipline is flagging and the kickboxer feels that he cannot continue. The foot techniques require stamina, agility and a persistent will. Sports comrades help in the realization of these goals.

What is the best way to learn kickboxing?

Kickboxing is characterized not only by the rapid execution of foot and arm techniques, but also by good physical condition and stretching. Kickboxers must not only be in good physical condition, but also well stretched. Stretching is necessary to perform smooth leg movements and minimize the risk of injury.

Necessary training

  • However, to learn kickboxing properly, it is essential to attend a sports club or private school.
  • In addition, regular training sessions are necessary. Kickboxers should attend training at least twice a week for 90 minutes each time. Those who have a little more time will do themselves a big favor if they go to kickboxing training three times a week.

Experienced trainers perform a well-structured workout. Kickboxing training usually consists of these five elements:

  1. Accordingly, the exercises begin with a loose warm-up gymnastics. This warms up the muscles at a reasonable pace.
  2. This is followed by stretching exercises. Since leg techniques play a major role in kickboxing, stretching the upper, inner as well as lower legs is essential. Beginners tend to neglect this little fact. However, this can have serious consequences. You can subsequently experience serious injuries during jerky kicks.
  3. Stretching is followed by strength exercises, which should help build strong muscles. These include not only squats or abdominal raises, but also push-ups. The latter train the entire body.
  4. Only after an extensive warm-up training does it start with punching and foot techniques against a sandbag or a punching bag.
  5. Finally, fights follow, during which, however, the trainees show consideration for their sports comrades. The fights also serve as excellent training sessions to improve fitness, because they strengthen the endurance of the fighters.

Can kickboxing be learned at home?

Both beginners and those who have no interest in kickboxing hold the view that they can learn this sport at home. Unfortunately, this is not true in reality:

Firstly, the lack of space usually dominates at home, and secondly, there is a lack of training partners and the instructions of an expert teacher. Numerous exercises are also based on the presence of a partner. One’s own room does not arouse the same motivation as a training hall where sandbags hang from the ceiling and wait to be set in motion.

What can be practiced at home?

Kickboxers can repeat stretching exercises in the comfort of their own homes. Regular stretching ensures better stretched muscles within a short period of time. In addition, exercisers can practice push-ups, sit-ups and squats at home. In this way, they build strong muscles that they need during the workout. And for the three aforementioned standard exercises of any martial arts training, athletes do not need much space or a partner.

From what age can one learn kickboxing?

Those who consider kickboxing as self-defense and as a sports program should know that there is no age limit for this. Individuals are also neither too young nor too old for this varied sport. However, some sports clubs have an age limit, this is from 6 to 12 years, depending on the club.

However, interested individuals should be in good physical condition, as the sport requires a high level of fitness. The other exercises can be learned by means of discipline. Finally, kickboxing involves far fewer techniques than the other martial arts. It only requires regular training attendance and the will to always get better. Motivated kickboxers follow Phillip Rosenthal’s quote: “If you stop getting better, you stop being good”. That’s why they pursue the goal of getting better with every training session. This approach also has a positive effect on their private and professional lives.

Kickboxen lernen

How long does it take to see the first successes?

Since kickboxing does not contain so many techniques, trainees make good progress after only a few months.

  • A person who trains kickboxing for six months has internalized the basic exercises and improved his physical condition.
  • In addition, after a few weeks, kickboxers build up good muscles that can be seen.
  • Especially the upper arms and thighs benefit from this intensive muscle training.
  • The good thing about a well-trained body is also an upright posture.

However, those who want to compete should train regularly and intensively for at least two years. Blood beginners would only be disappointed. They would probably also give up training demotivated. Years of training not only boosts self-confidence, but also gives competitors a sense of security. After all, during a competition, the pulse rises and the heart beats a little faster from excitement. That’s why it pays to have trained for at least two years beforehand.

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