In the following we would like to present some facts worth knowing about Muay Thai and give a little insight into which techniques are allowed and which are forbidden. It is interesting to know that Muay Thai is called the “science of eight limbs”. The reason: in the unarmed combat sport, the eight body weapons are used. These include the two fists, elbows, knees and shins.

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The Muay Thai fighting style

  • The characteristic techniques of Muay Thai include knee techniques, clinching and the use of elbows. A technique that is typical of Muay Thai is the kick with the shin, which often targets the rib area or the thigh. Depending on the level of the fighter and depending on the rules, knee kicks to the head may be allowed.
  • It is permissible to pull the opponent’s head towards the ground with the fists. In clinching, the opponents hold each other while standing and try to knock each other off balance. In doing so, they kick the thigh or upper body of their opponent with their knees.
  • In some rules, catching and holding the opponent’s leg is allowed. Since the risk of injury from elbow and knee techniques is very high, Muay Thai is one of the toughest martial arts in the world. The punching techniques are similar to classical European boxing. However, punches are also allowed from the turn, aiming to hit the opponent’s head with the back of the fist. In some styles, throws are also allowed. However, they are very dangerous, which is why they are not allowed in most sets of rules.

Allowed techniques

The following list shows again the most important techniques that are allowed in Muay Thai:

  • Boxing techniques cross, jab, hook to the head and upper body of the opponent
  • Back hand punch from the turn to the head and body of the opponent
  • All leg techniques to the upper body, head or legs of the opponent
  • Elbow and knee strikes to the opponent’s upper body, legs and head
  • Clinching and the continuation of the fight in the clinch
  • Holding the leg techniques of the opponent with the help of the counter technique
  • Levers and throws that are pulled over the upper leg

Forbidden techniques

However, the following techniques areprohibited:

  • All techniques to the genital area of the opponent
  • Head butts
  • Kicking or punching if the opponent is on the ground
  • Holding the ropes during the clinch
  • Hip throws and shoulder throws

Fight decisions are possible in Muay Thai by:

  • Victory by knockout
  • Victory by scoring
  • Victory by abandonment of the opponent
  • Victory by disqualification of the opponent
  • Victory by stopping the fight by the referee

Since many techniques are allowed in Muay Thai that are not allowed in other combat sports, Thai boxing is considered very brutal and hard. Competitions can be held both amateur and professional, although the professional segment is again much harder than the amateur.

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