Tactical belts at first glance resemble a conventional fashion belt. They are part of the tactical clothing and offer a few advantages. The additional functions allow you to carry items that you should always have at hand in emergency situations. Despite these functions, tactical belts are characterized by light weight.

Summary at a glance:

  • Tactical belts allow you to carry important utensils close to your body.
  • They are characterized by high robustness as well as excellent wearing comfort.
  • The low weight and multifunctional safety buckle are among the notable advantages of this belt.
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What distinguishes a tactical belt from a regular belt?

  • Tactical belts score high on light weight.
  • They have effective additional features : For example, integrated resilient “rope”, means of self-defense.
  • The accessories have a very high load capacity. Most often they consist of a flat profile.
  • The buckle has a high security , it does not open by itself at a high load. You can open the buckle only when the belt is completely unloaded.

Special webbing for high quality

A special webbing prevents tearing. On the one hand it is double laid, on the other hand it is waxed. Thanks to this combination, you will enjoy not only a high wearing comfort, but also the necessary strength. This special yarn impresses with its strength. It consists of a high quality, whose origin is in Germany.

High strength

In a tactical belt, the ring and the webbing are characterized by a high load capacity. For example, they can be used as a rope. The tactical belts are characterized by a width worth 43 millimeters and therefore fit effortlessly into your service pants.

Robust belt, but without tactical functions

What are the functions of a tactical belt?

Tactical belts act as useful means of transportation. They allow you to carry important items, which thanks to the belt are within easy reach on your body. Once the tactical belt served only military forces. Nowadays, civilians also use it as a means of transport for:

  • Cell phone
  • Radio
  • Holder for weapons and magazines
  • Knife
  • Flashlight
  • Loop for gloves
  • Bag for latex gloves
  • Pepper spray for emergency
  • First aid kit
  • Extra pocket for handcuffs
  • Carabiner for attaching other important objects

Furthermore, tactical belts score points with their unique waist belt. This also allows the transport of important equipment. Belts that have a carabiner also act as an aid for rappelling.

Who wears a tactical belt?

Military forces use the tactical belt to carry magazines and weapons safely and within easy reach. Thanks to the sophisticated ergonomics, they wear the tactical belt even during missions lasting several hours. Due to the even weight distribution they do not suffer at all from tension or back pain. Ideally, they even have the option of replacing the inner belt with their own trouser belt. Furthermore, military personnel carry radios, knives or handcuffs

Security guards carry handcuffs, pepper spray or their radio with their tactical belt. Doormen, stewards as well as bodyguards especially use the dome of the tactical belt. It allows them to safely carry their important equipment. As a result, their trouser pockets remain empty and light. The tactical belt serves as a deterrent as it demonstrates the equipment on demand

Firefighters and disaster responders also rely on the tactical belt to keep their important paraphernalia immediately at hand. For these professions, however, the belt is called a duty belt. Craftsmen also use a tactical belt, as it is lightweight and allows them to carry important items.

Golfers, sport shooters and airsoft players have also discovered the advantages of tactical belts. They carry the belt with them to have their utensils at hand. Their entire arsenal is conveniently located on their body

On a survival trip, however, the wearers carry items that enable them to survive in an emergency situation. However, you will carry most of the following items in an emergency backpack and not in your belt. The most important items include: Lighter, fire steel and scraper, waterproof matches, water bottle, tablets for drinking water sterilization, energy bar, first aid kit, dental floss, trekking soap, toilet paper, standard medications, map, signal whistle, compass, VHF handheld radio, knife, emergency bracelet, survival kit, personal documents, zip ties, cash, cigarettes.

Buy Tactical Belt

If you are interested, you can easily buy a tactical belt online. You can get decent models for as little as 10 to 20 Euros.


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