Krav Maga may be less known to some, so karate or judo, wrongly. Because Krav Maga is a very effective way to protect yourself from attackers and to defend yourself.

Krav Maga Eignung

Who can learn Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a martial art of the modern age with a clear focus: it is about effectiveness and self-defense. Anyone can learn this martial art.

In Israel Krav Maga is part of the military training for both sexes

In Israel, men and women are conscripted into military service, so Lichtenfeld developed a system that is equally suitable for both sexes. The techniques of Krav Maga, similar to Judo, are designed to produce the greatest possible effects with the least amount of force.

The self-defense system is therefore suitable for men and women of all ages. Young people, children and even seniors can also use the methodology to strengthen their own self-confidence and defend themselves in an emergency. In the USA, for example, Krav Maga training is popular for improving physical fitness.

Equipment needed

To learn Krav Maga you usually do not need any equipment. Due to the realistic system, no separate training clothing is required, but you train in everyday clothes. Lichtenfeld was probably of the opinion that a technique practiced in a karate suit is worthless if you can not perform it in jeans. He is not so completely wrong with this thought.

For training, various objects will be used in the later course to simulate and repel attacks, but for the beginning you will train weaponless. Furthermore, the founder also attached great importance to realism in the choice of location. That’s why it happens that you’ll train not only in the gym, but also in difficult weather conditions, in cramped places or in poor visibility.

Is Krav Maga suitable for defense?

Krav Maga is not characterized by a particularly extensive repertoire of techniques or beautiful techniques, but by the fact that it is effective. The number of techniques and the degree of their difficulty was deliberately kept low. Krav Maga includes close combat techniques, weapon defense, use of close combat weapons, stress drills, situational training and much more.

Therefore, it can be said without further ado that Krav Maga is suitable for self-defense. Exemplarily, this can also be seen in the following video.


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Other martial arts, such as judo, do not focus on self-defense, but on high impact with low effort. So how to bring someone down or use the movement of the opponent for their own purposes.

How long does it take to learn the basics?

It goes without saying that the path to the top never ends. However, Lichtenfeld’s ambition during his time as a trainer was to get people ready to fight quickly. Thus, with a capable trainer, it takes only a few months until you are actually able to defend yourself in various situations.

A graduation system tells you how long and how intensively you have practiced Krav Maga in the past. This was obviously adopted from Japanese martial arts and is represented in Krav Maga by colored patches. In the beginning about 6 months pass between the grades, in the black grades several years. In the KMG (Krav Maga Global), for example, one distinguishes:

  • Practitioner Level, where entry does not count as a level (white, yellow, yellow, orange, orange, green)
  • Graduate Level (green, blue, blue, brown, brown)
  • Expert Level (black)