While tops or jackets are reserved only for women in full-contact fighting, kickboxing pants are required in every discipline. Especially in competitions, it also becomes important for your admission, which pants you wear. We present you popular kickboxing pants and answer, among other things, the question of whether short or long pants should be used.

In 30 seconds the most important:

  • The question of whether you need short or long kickboxing pants depends on the discipline (see table below).
  • There are special sizes and styles for women, men and children, but a rough size is enough, because the elastic band fixes the pants well.
  • Choose a model (or material) that is machine washable and skin-friendly, and can absorb sweat.
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Buy popular kickboxer pants

Buy popular kickboxing pants

If you want to buy kickboxing pants and are not yet committed to a particular manufacturer, just look at the following offers. They were rated as good by previous buyers, maybe there is one for you:

FAQ: 5 tips for kickboxing pants

Is a pair of kickboxing pants short or long? Both are correct, because the correct choice of pants depends on the discipline. You can find answers to this question and more in our FAQ.

Features of the pants

No. 1: Things to know about kickboxing pants

The first big difference to the East Asian martial arts is that here you almost always have to buy the jacket and pants separately. Only very few overalls or combinations are offered, which is probably due to the WAKO rules.

However, the functions are the same: Absorption of sweat to cool the body and ensure maximum mobility without sticking.

Kickboxing pants are produced in two basic variants. The first variant is similar to shorts in Muay Thai or boxing and covers only the hips and thighs, while the second goes down to the ankles.

Short or long

No. 2: Short or long pants for kickboxing?

The difference here is not important in training for the time being, but for the admission to the competition it makes a big difference. In the following a short overview, which kickboxing pants you need in which discipline at the WAKO:

PointfightingLong kickboxing pants
Light contactLong kickboxing pants
Full contactLong kickboxing shorts
VK with Low KickShorts

Sizes and colors of kickboxing pants

No. 3: What size in the pants?

Due to the wide cut shape, there are again standard sizes, which are measured only on the body size. Separate awards of length and width as with a pair of jeans you will not find here, but often the familiar designations S, M, L appear in connection with the size. The kickboxing pants usually sits by an elastic band on the hip, in some cases also by a combination of the elastic band with a lacing.

In the available colors is, on the part of dealers, no limit to the imagination. Very many colors are available, with black and red dominating the offer. Interestingly, the WAKO rulebook does not specify the competition colors.

Materials and manufacturer

No. 4: Popular manufacturers of kickboxing shorts

For the shorts and ankle-length pants, the same rules generally apply in terms of material and cleaning. In most cases, the clothing is made of pure polyester or polyamide, which makes little difference, as they are both synthetic fibers. A combination of these two fibers or with other fabrics is also possible.

Well-known manufacturers from whom you can buy kickboxing pants are, as always, the martial arts outfitters Kwon and Ju Sports with inexpensive entry-level models. In addition, the brands Adidas and Top Ten are available on the market with somewhat higher priced products. The price difference here is quite small compared to other ranges.

Cleaning the pants

No. 5: Tips for cleaning the pants

As mentioned above, polyester and polyamide on both sides are synthetic fibers with good properties for sports use, but they have their edges when it comes to cleaning.

  • In general, these fabrics should not be washed above 40°C and the tumble dryer is also one of the natural enemies of kickboxing pants. In general, you should simply refrain from treating them with anything that involves heat, unless the washing instructions say otherwise. This also eliminates the need for ironing, as the plastics could melt in the process.
  • For the wash cycle, it is best to put the kickboxing pants separately in the machine or only wash them together with soft clothing without zippers. Also, any garments with metal buttons or buckles can cause serious damage to the soft materials.
  • For the spin cycle, it’s best to choose a low speed of 600 rpm and let the pants hang on the line for a few extra hours later.

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