The makiwara is a striking post. In karate, kyudo and other martial arts, it is used for training and hardening. The board helps practitioners perfect their technique. Makiwara acts as an honest, critical, yet silent teacher. It can be mounted either on the wall or on the ceiling. Furthermore, the device also exists in the form of a standing post.

The main thing in advance:

  • Makiwara – the striking post – helps to refine the striking technique or target technique.
  • The punching post is available as a standing or wall model.
  • The exercises harden the fist.
DEPICE Makiwara Karate Abhärtung Schlagpolster Wand
  • Traditionelles Trainingsgerät für Karate
  • Wandmontage mit gefederter Hozkonstruktion
  • Auftrefffläche gepolstert und mit Kunstlederüberzug

Background and purpose

Makiwara represents a useful sports equipment in karate and kyudo. Karateka use this as a striking post, while Kyudoka use the makiwara as a target in archery. Makiwara is a compound of the two terms maki and wara. The former stands for rolling something over, the latter for straw. Thus, this piece of sports equipment is a post made of wood wrapped with straw.

  • Since the makiwara helps both karatekas and kyudokas become masters of their martial arts, it is also called the board of wisdom. Karateka practice the correct striking technique on it. Kyudoka, on the other hand, use it as a wide target.
  • Furthermore, the board of wisdom exists in both a standing and a hanging version. Hanging models act as teachers for learning the correct kicking techniques. The makiwara responds to punches and kicks like a living teacher. Karateka enjoy feedback. They see, hear and feel it.
  • Karateka feel pain when they do not execute the technique correctly. However, a correct fist or hand edge strike does not cause pain to the trainees. Thanks to the makiwara, karateka practice the correct punching technique from the beginning. Mistakes therefore do not creep in at all. Kyudoka, on the other hand, clearly see when they miss their target.
Training on the makiwara

Makiwara for archery

In Kyudo, the makiwara consists of a rice straw roll that is tightly wound. Its length is 85 centimeters. The diameter is 30 centimeters. At the height of the mouth of the Kyudoka is the center of the target. Thus, the archer aims at a straight surface

Archers who train with a makiwara use a specific makiwara arrow for this purpose. It is featherless or only short feathered. The distance to the target is two to three meters. Beginners depend on the board of wisdom. With this they internalize the sequences faster. Advanced fighters nevertheless use the makiwara for a third of their training time to perfect their technique.

Features of the Makiwara

Today’s makiwara models are no longer made of straw and linen. They are made of impact pads lined with foam rubber . Leather surrounds the material. There are also training objects made of bamboo sticks. They act as boards of wisdom for finger punches.

You can buy a high-quality Shogun makiwara for about 30 euros in online stores. Its length is 29 centimeters, while its width is 15 centimeters. The striking pad is 7 centimeters thick. This device is a makiwara, which you attach to the wall.

Training and exercises

Exercises that karateka can perform at home on the makiwara are mainly composed of hand techniques . Fist strikes and hand edge strikes make up an important part of training with the board of wisdom.

The opinions of the masters are divided with regard to the correct timing. Some believe that the board is only a training object for advanced practitioners, while others encourage beginners to practice on the device as well. Practitioners have a good idea of their distance. Furthermore, they control their strokes better. Exercises on the wooden instructor play an important role in the moment of the most significant muscle tension during the stroke, kick, as well as impact.

When training at home , experts advise not to practice kicks unless you have warmed up extensively. This is due to the fact that kicks require a lot of strength from the whole body. Secondly, you should stretch extensively. This reduces the risk of injury or prevents the rupture of a tendon.


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Training sequence

The training procedure on the makiwara requires you to first decide on a technique. Depending on how often you train, you will perfect this technique over several weeks. Only when your fist punch is perfect, for example, do you continue with the hand edge punch

For the former, you start with a preliminary exercise. This can consist of push-ups on fists. In this way you learn not to use the entire fist area. During the fist push-ups, you will definitely become aware that you are only using the knuckles of your index and middle fingers to execute the punch. By no means all the knuckles of the clenched fist hit the surface.

Mats also serve as an important preparation for exercise. They gently teach you what the impact surface is. You will learn how important it is to concentrate completely on the punches, kicks and punches. Otherwise, you run the risk of injuring yourself.

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