Self Defense: Defense information & assistance

Self-defense is your basic right! You MUST defend yourself from violence, oppression, sexual harassment. Otherwise you will always remain in the victim role and that has consequences: Someone who oppresses you once will do it again, and your psyche will be damaged. With defense we mean not only the physical self-defense

In the article you will find help on how to defend and protect yourself.

The most important things at a glance

Germany is a very safe country, yet many women experience sexual violence (13%) or harassment (58%) according to a 2004 Bmfsfj study, there were 5.05 million crimes (2021) and 75,000 home burglaries (2020).

In other words, it is better to be able to defend yourself and in the best case you will never have to use your defense skills. Knowledge of martial arts techniques and self-defense weapons can help you. In addition, you should know and avoid typical dangerous situations.

If you are in acute danger, immediately call 110 – the emergency number!

Self-defense for children, women & seniors

The victims of violence are first and foremost the weaker ones. Whether this is at home in the partnership, on the way when jogging or on the way home from the discotheque. Women and children are particularly at risk. Take a look at our articles:

Of course, men also have to defend themselves. This may be the case in a burglary, a robbery or a bar fight. Do not think that a weak person cannot learn to defend himself. There are special self-defense courses, martial arts and self-defense weapons for this purpose.

Learning self-defense with martial arts

Self-defense with martial arts is effective and there are other benefits: Training your fitness, fellowship in the martial arts school, improving your agility, boosting your self-confidence and motivation from club members.

With the help of martial arts you will learn how to face and fight off an attack.

  • This starts with your body position. You learn to offer the attacker a small attack surface or stand so that you can block a punch or kick with your arms and legs.
  • When attacking, there are special defenses for foot, body or head attacks. Furthermore, you will learn more about ground fighting, unarmed self-defense, how to realistically assess your opponent.
  • Furthermore, through the self-defense training you will learn about the sensitive points of the attacker. Hits on so-called vital or pain points are particularly effective and quickly incapacitate the attacker. These include, for example, the nose, joints and temple. For men, a hit to the genital area (testicles) is also very painful.
  • This way you can counter the attack or exercise your right to self-defense by counterattacking.

It doesn’t matter which martial art you practice, they are all suitable. Krav Maga should be emphasized, because here the focus was placed on a quick martial art that can be learned by anyone


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Self-defense courses

Special self-defense courses are offered especially for women, children and seniors. Here you will learn in quick form what you can do to get out of an emergency situation. These courses usually last only an afternoon or a few sessions.

This is certainly helpful, but even better is a long-term commitment to a martial art. Because the knowledge is lost quite quickly and here it is like a foreign language: if you do not practice the self-defense exercises regularly, the knowledge will be lost.

However, if you have never practiced a martial art and are unsure, then a seminar in self-defense is certainly a good first step.


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Self-defense with self-defense weapons

There are tools that can help you in time of need. These include alarms for deterrence that, when activated, alert others to your situation. There are remote weapons that can be used especially at home in case of a burglary. Furthermore, there are sprays, stun guns, percussion weapons that increase your power and give you a better chance in close combat.

  • The advantage is obvious: you are not helpless even in a weaker position. Especially for physically weak people this is a big plus. It is even partially possible to defend yourself as a self-defense layman against several aggressors. However, the weapons that are legal in Germany are limited in their effectiveness.
  • Weapons always have a number of disadvantages: They can malfunction, run out of ammunition or, in the worst case, be used against you.
  • Of course, you may only use the weapon in an emergency, otherwise you are liable to prosecution. You should also have practiced the use beforehand, so that you know what you are doing in an emergency.

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Avoid dangerous situations

Actively try to avoid dangerous situations. These include areas where assaults are common or situations that are known to lead to violence.

  • A partner who is prone to violence is always a source of danger. Choleric people coupled with alcohol and social distress are ticking time bombs.
  • Alcohol lowers the inhibition threshold. Drunks in groups feel strong and often give free rein to their otherwise “silent aggression.”
  • The lonely walk home from the disco or a run in a lonely park also offers dangers. Sex crimes do not happen on busy streets, but mostly in the dark.
  • Be skeptical when traveling to a new city or on vacation. Get to know the customs first and do not give away your trust lightly.
  • In unsafe areas, an open drink is a danger spot for roofies (Rohypnol, the knockout drug) to “pick up” girls against their will.

We don’t want to scare you at all. But only to sensitize you to recognize and avoid dangerous situations.

Avoid dangerous situations

In most cases you are alone in an emergency situation (assault, violence, sexual assault). This is because perpetrators of violence like to pick weak or “easy victims.” If you are in an emergency, whether alone or in a group, follow these steps:

1. Call for help

  • Call out loudly for help so that other passersby are aware of your situation.
  • If possible, call 911. Give name, location, and circumstances.
  • Share the location with friends (e.g. via Whatsapp or Facebook)

2. Run away

  • Run to a busy area, a store, to a street, shouting for help
  • If you are in/your home, run out and ring neighbors’ doorbells while yelling for help.

3. De-escalate

  • If no help is in sight and running away is no longer an option, you should try to de-escalate the situation.
  • Whether this is possible depends on what the situation is about. Perhaps with an apology, warm words or the reference to criminal consequences reasonableness can be achieved.
  • False promises are also allowed here, as long as you just get out of the emergency situation.

4. Giving in to a demand – an option?

  • If you are attacked, you should give in now at the latest and hand over your valuables. Your health is at stake, and it is priceless.
  • In case of sexual assault, the situation is incredibly difficult. How do you react if the sex offender threatens to kill you if you don’t “play along” and “allow” a rape?
  • We cannot make a recommendation here. Just thinking about this situation makes us angry while writing this post. Whether you can live with rape or would rather risk a fight to the death – that’s an answer each woman or man must find for themselves.

5. Confrontation and self-defense

  • As a last resort, you are left with self-defense. Since this can escalate the situation further, it really is the last resort.
  • Moreover, it is not easy to assess the situation correctly. A fight against several armed violent criminals is almost hopeless and they can hardly be defeated.

Defense against bullying

Not only defense against physical violence is important. You should also defend yourself (verbally) against mental violence and bullying in the schoolyard.

  • The first thing to do is to seek appropriate help. This has nothing to do with “snitching“. It is more about talking to experienced professionals about the situation.
  • An aggressor often looks for an easy victim. So someone with low self-esteem or a perceived weakness (speech impediment, overweight). Often it is also minorities (religion, origin…).
  • An expert can help you find the appropriate response to the aggressor. This can be a quick-witted answer, the right posture, etc.
  • Also a community, for example in a martial arts club can help you to improve your self-confidence.
  • This is mainly about self-assertion. If you allow bullying and do not learn to defend yourself, you will always remain in the victim role.

Seek help for bullying and threats (call a counselor, school, police). Mostly the help centers are organized locally, so you will be referred from there. Giving up is not an option, YOU CAN DO IT!


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Help: Here you can find contact details

There are some numbers and places you can contact if you are in distress or need advice.

Police 110 in case of danger | rescue service 112 in case of injury. What should you tell them in any case?

  • Where are you, or has something happened?
  • What has happened?
  • How many people are affected or involved?
  • Are there injured people? What kind of injury?
  • State your name and wait for follow-up questions

Advice and emergency help

Self-defense FAQ: Laws, tips & co.

Our recommendation to you

1) learn to defend yourself. With your hands and feet, with the help of a martial art or a self-defense course. This is the most sustainable and keeps you fit.

2) In addition, you can study the topic of self-defense weapons. Especially if you are often in dangerous areas, or can not avoid dangerous situations, they are a useful addition.