Tactical gloves are an element of tactical clothing, they are available as cut-resistant security gloves or for outdoor use. They differ from conventional winter or summer gloves in their lining and offer additional functions. They protect against painful cuts, stabilize the hand, help in a fight or simply warm. Read background on materials, functions and FAQ in the following paragraphs.

The most important upfront:

  • Military forces, police officers, security guards as well as survivalists count on the functionality of cut-resistant safety gloves.
  • Tactical gloves prevent injuries and cuts.
  • In winter they warm and protect hands equally, for summer there are
  • Tactical gloves fit all wrists thanks to their fit.
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Cut resistant security gloves

Special security gloves impress with their cut-resistant property. This is enormously important for police officers, military forces or security employees. A knife attack can never be completely ruled out.

But also outdoor enthusiasts and survival fans benefit from the numerous advantages of cut-resistant security gloves. They prevent cuts caused by stones, vegatation or a possible confrontation.

Cut-resistant gloves are a must-have during outdoor activities. Wearers of these gloves protect their important companions, the hands, from cuts. At first glance, the importance of gloves seems secondary. However, outdoor enthusiasts who have suffered cuts to their hands in the great outdoors know how annoying or even dangerous they can be. On the one hand, they hinder survival enthusiasts in their daily work, and on the other hand, there is a higher risk of infection from a small cut. However, not only knives increase the risk of cuts, but also broken glass.

Choose models depending on the outdoor temperature

Fingerless gloves are suitable for high temperatures, as well as for spring, summer and autumn. Thanks to the openings on the fingertips hands do not sweat even in hot temperatures. However, the advantage is that they are still protected from cuts or broken glass.

Cold temperatures require models that are soft and warmly lined. In winter, not only cut resistance but also cold protection plays an important role. The hands must not freeze, otherwise they will deteriorate in terms of fine motor skills due to the cold. A feeling of numbness develops in the fingers and hands. In winter , gloves are among the indispensable everyday companions. For outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, military forces, police officers, government agencies and security employees, this is doubly true. Their hands are among their most important tools. Therefore, they are obligated to protect them from the cold. With frostbitten or injured hands, they are forced to stop what they are doing. A military force whose hand is frozen or injured usually cannot operate a weapon.

Survivalists who have sustained injuries in the wild are similarly unable to use a knife. Because of injuries or cold, their strength in their hands diminishes. Similarly, they limit their fine motor skills. Security gloves effectively prevent unnecessary problems.

Glove materials

  • Cut resistant gloves, which are made of leather , score high on cut resistance. Furthermore, they are comfortable to wear. They perfectly fit the fingers as well as the entire hand. The majority of leather gloves have a special elastic band on the wrist. Thanks to this detail, the glove ideally adapts to the individual size of the wrists of its wearers.
  • Kevlar is a special yarn that is often used in cut-resistant gloves. It not only offers excellent cut protection, but also a high level of wearer comfort. Kevlar yarns impress with their lightness. They are also breathable. In addition, they are less rigid than their competitor yarns. Thanks to this fineness, security forces or survival devotees can still rely on their fingertip feeling.
  • Numerous cut-resistant gloves contain quartz sand. This fulfills two functions. On the one hand, it protects the hand from cuts, and on the other hand, it increases the striking power many times over.
  • In addition, there are high-quality neoprene gloves that enable security employees to scan safely. These models also have special cut protection inserts.

The models listed differ in terms of weight. Gloves with quartz sand are definitely heavier than neoprene models including cut protection inserts. In terms of functionality, they have equally significant differences. Cut-resistant gloves, which only protect against cuts or broken glass, do not increase the striking power, while quartz sand models do.

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