The Taekwondo suit (Korean: Dobok) was adopted from karate and always consists of three individual parts. These are the jacket (sang-i), pants (hang-i) and a belt (tti). As a rule, the dobok is white, jackets with black or red lapels may only be worn by holders of a dan or poom degree. A white belt is often included with the purchase.

In 30 seconds, the most important thing:

  • When buying, look for the correct size, a material thickness of 8 oz or more, and a good wearing comfort (or comfortable material)
  • Your Taekwondo suit should definitely be machine washable, because you’ll be working up quite a sweat in training.
  • Decorations, embroidery, logos and so on are of course a matter of taste – there are also models that are designed very simply.
KWON Kampfsportanzug Taekwondo & Karate 8 OZ
  • Ein preisgünstiges Einsteigermodell
  • inklusive weißem Gürtel. Lieferbar
  • in den Größen 110 - 210 cm. Jacke und

Video tips for the suit

There are a number of mistakes that beginners like to make. These include not lacing the suit correctly, not tying the belt of the Taekwondo suit correctly or folding the suit incorrectly. In the following videos you will find some help.

Put on Taekwondo suit correctly

Especially as a beginner you will not know exactly how to put on a suit correctly, in the video you will find a guide.


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Taekwondo belt tying

For beginners, this video is suitable – here you will learn how to tie a Taekwondo belt correctly.


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Fold suit correctly

For a competition or a training camp you have to fold your Taekwondo suit correctly, otherwise it will arrive wrinkled. In the video you can see how you can fold your suit crease-free.


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FAQ about taekwondo suit

The suit as a whole has the functions of cooling the body by evaporation of sweat and at the same time indicating the training level of the individual. The cooling effect depends on various factors, which we will discuss below, and you can recognize the training progress by the color of the belt, as described in more detail in the section “Taekwondo Rules & Belts”.

Taekwondo Anzug
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What is a suit made of?

The pants are usually offered with elastic waistband, lacing or both. The jacket, on the other hand, comes in two completely different forms. The first, as is common in karate, is tied at the sides. The second variant, as it is often used in competition, is put on like a shirt over the head.

Under the Taekwondo suit, men usually wear only the underpants to ensure optimal air circulation, while women should wear a sports bra or top underneath, because the jacket can easily slip during movement.

The influence of material and fabric thickness

While browsing through the listings, you will notice a value that is given in oz. This value indicates the thickness of the fabric, and this is the main determinant of how well you will feel in it during a long training session.

  • The material used is traditionally cotton, but today various synthetic fibers such as polyester are also used or mixed with cotton. The material has no significant effect on the cooling effect and the feeling on the skin is similar.
  • The reason for buying a stronger suit is that especially thin dobok, as they are often offered for beginners, can quickly soak through and then stick to the body. Thus, the cooling effect is reduced, as this is caused, among other things, by the fact that the air can circulate between the suit and the skin. This may affect you if you sweat a lot.
  • If you can buy a slightly more expensive Taekwondo suit, it usually has a thickness of 8 to 10 oz, which you won’t go wrong with. The fear that you will sweat more in a thicker suit is completely unfounded.

The size of the suit

Your body size decides which dobok size you need. The manufacturers have their own tables, but generally there is one suit size for every 10cm of body size.

Ideally, you can try on the Taekwondo suit beforehand, then in addition to the length you should make sure that it sits loosely enough in the area of the upper body to allow air circulation. However, this usually works if you choose the right size.

Embellishments and patches

In general, you can do with your property as you wish, of course. There is the possibility to embroider the Taekwondo suit yourself or to have it done directly from the manufacturer. For the belts the same applies.

Your only problem could be if you want to participate in a competition. The rules vary from federation to federation, but often prohibit any decoration except the manufacturer’s logo.

The cleaning of the suit

Here there is the usual problem with the cotton or the belt:

  • it must not be washed too hot, because it shrinks very quickly, which often happens already from 40°C. Take a look at the washing instructions if you want to be absolutely sure.
  • With polyester, the low temperature also applies, because otherwise the material can take damage.
  • Belts are usually not designed for machine washing and are actually not washed at all.

For the washing of jacket and pants you can proceed as usual, even detergent and fabric softener are allowed. To protect your dobok, you should only wash it separately and reduce the speed of the spin cycle. This increases the durability noticeably.

Buy Taekwondo suit

If you do not have a specialty store nearby, you can easily buy the taekwondo suit online. It is sufficient here only the indication of the body size.

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