Wooden puppets in Wing Tsun offer numerous advantages to the trainees. They benefit from improved toughening, faster movements and increased reflexes. In addition, the puppet acts as a silent teacher, correcting faulty stances. The position of the manikin’s arms and legs force exercisers to always assume the correct stance

First things first:

  • The wooden puppet in Wing Chun is indispensable for eager practitioners
  • Wing Chun followers who use the dummy benefit from much faster progress.
  • Mechanical dummies offer another advantage, as they provide resistance during practice that is comparable to that of a human

Training on Wing Chung wooden dummy

The wooden dummy is an elementary part of Wing Chun training. Practitioners are forced to leave their comfort zone thanks to this tool. However, by doing so, they develop themselves further. However, numerous beginners do not appreciate the importance of the wooden dummy. At the same time, they achieve the greatest progress when they also use the Wing Tsun wooden dummy during training. The term is a synonym for the wooden dummy.

Association rules are also an obstacle for beginners. They state that only advanced Wing Tsun students are allowed to use wooden dummy training. However, experts believe that early training with the wooden doll promotes skills from the beginning.


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Why is training on the wooden dummy so effective?

Wing Tsun students who train regularly with the puppet make considerable progress

  • This is due to the valuable simulation of the attacker. As an object of fantasy, the puppet awakens numerous attack scenarios in the imagination of the trainees. In the process, the students play through different situations. These consist of offensive exercises, defensive techniques, emergency strategies. Advantages of training on the manikin are:
  • Danger-free training and repetition of dangerous techniques are among the other advantages of the wooden dummy. It is neither vindictive nor vulnerable. It forgives all rough kicks, punches and left attacks. Moreover, thanks to the doll, you’ll get to know your own pain threshold perfectly. In case of wrong joint or body positions, your alarm bells will immediately light up due to slight pain. The physical pain acts as a silent teacher.
  • Thanks to the wooden doll, you will be able to use your blows and punches effectively. Furthermore, you learn to dose your strength correctly. Punches to the larynx and kicks to the knee can be practiced better on the dummy. Otherwise you would seriously injure your training partner with these techniques.
  • The wooden dummy also demonstrates the power of repetition. The adage practice makes perfect is best experienced when you train regularly with this tool. The constant repetition of certain movements has a positive effect on the networking of the brain. At the beginning, you perform the techniques slowly and incorrectly. Gradually, however, you will perform the exercises automatically. You train your defense reflex.

Wooden dolls used in Wing Tsun contain three arms placed at a strategic angle. Furthermore, one leg is attached to the puppet. Thanks to this arrangement, you will be able to perceive and successfully correct your own mistakes.

Buying tips

When buying, you should first think about your willingness to pay . The price range is between 499.00 to 1,200.00 Euros. Secondly, you should measure how much space you have available. The wooden dolls are available in different sizes. There are special variants that take into account a lack of space.

You can place the doll freely in the room or attach it to the wall. The narrow frame is suitable for small rooms, which are characterized by a lack of space. In addition to the classic wooden mannequins, you also have the option of purchasing a Wing Tsun tripodal mannequin. This one contains a metal triangle as a base. Three beech poles complete the doll.

With regard to the different scaffolding variants , you have various choices with regard to the type of wood . You can choose between wooden dummies made of beech, walnut or ash. Wooden dummies are also height-adjustable. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about cracking. Plywood prevents the formation of cracks during intensive training.

Buy Wing Chung Wooden Dummy

Exercises on the wooden dummy

Thanks to the wooden dummy you will learn peripheral vision. You are always watching the head of the puppet, while the rest of your body is training the different techniques on the puppet. With this training method, you expand your field of vision.

  • With the help of the wooden dummy, you expand your toughness limit many times over. After a while, you will get used to the feeling that flows through your body when you hit the dummy. This will make you much less sensitive over time.
  • Corrections of your movements are among the other benefits that the use of the wooden doll guarantees you. The position of the doll’s arms improves your movements. Due to the construction you are forced to take the correct elbow as well as arm position.
  • Besides the wooden dolls, there are elastic dolls. These score with their resistance behavior. Their mechanical properties are similar to the movements of a human being. With this type of doll you also improve your technical skills. You feel the elastic body tension of the doll. This is comparable to the behavior of a real opponent.
  • In the end, you will benefit from numerous advantages when you integrate the wooden dummy into your regular training. Furthermore, you will make muchfaster progress with the help of the puppet.
  • The puppet allows you to repeat and practice defensive techniques. In case of emergency you can expect to face a strong and alert attacker. A determined opponent is a guarantee that you should have a minimum striking power to defend yourself successfully. If you can’t avoid an attack, ideally your arms or legs will serve as a shield.

For this reason, you need the strength of an average athlete. As Wing Tsun followers who attend school at least twice a week, you will have no difficulty achieving this condition. Thanks to regular wooden dummy training you will improve your lateral stability.

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