Boxing dummies allow realistic training thanks to their design. Their upper body resembles a human. Face, neck, chest and abdominal muscles are clearly visible. As a result, martial artists benefit from more intensive technique training. They practice not only punch combinations, but also strikes. Boxing dummies enable good execution of elbow and knee strikes.

Below we present backgrounds about fighting dummies and boxing dummies.

FOX-FIGHT Hank Box Dummy Boxdummy Standboxsack Boxpuppe Höhenverstellbar 160-180cm Natur
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  • Abmessung: 160-182cm Höhenvariabel / ca. 60cm Breite
  • Material: technisches Latex / Eigengewicht: 19,5kg

Worth knowing at a glance

  • Boxing dummies are perfect training opponents to increase punching power and precision.
  • If a T-shirt is put over the dummy, boxing gloves are not required.
  • The boxing dummy is adjustable in height and due to the integrated wheels it can be moved around the room.
  • Compared to a punching bag, the doll is quieter when used.

Advantages of boxing dummies

Boxing dummies look similar to a real training partner compared to a punching bag. They have a head and an upper body. Thanks to this anatomical shape, they allow you to train realistically. This gives you the opportunity to better target vital. Boxing dummies are suitable for all martial arts that involve punches, kicks and blows.

Martial artists who practice self-defense enjoy the boxing dummy. It allows them to strike specifically at areas of the body that are crucial in case of self-defense. Boxers can practice blows to the face and chin due to the shape of the head. With the help of the boxing dummy, you not only practice close to reality, you also increase your accuracy.

If you practice Teakwondo, Kung Fu or Karate, you can use the boxing dummy to improve your kicking technique. You practice kicks aimed at the neck. You will also practice kicks aimed at the vital points of the head and abdomen. These exercises will increase your punching power and accuracy. With the boxing dummy you do not have to imagine the vital points. You have them clearly in front of you.

Hand edge punches belong to the techniques that require high precision from you. The boxing dummy will help you to improve it. As soon as you practice punches with the edge of your hand and your backhand on the boxing dummy, you will also increase the quality of your techniques. Not only will you increase your punching power, but you will also benefit from a better execution of the different punch combinations. You can perfect a chinlock and other body punches on this training device. In addition, you dodge after a strong body blow, because the boxing dummy bounces back.

The advantages of the boxing dummy at a glance:

  • increases accuracy
  • improves punching technique
  • enables punch combinations
  • bounces back purposefully
  • is height adjustable

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Backgrounds to boxing dummies

Boxing dummies represent a standing bag. The difference from a conventional punching bag lies in their realistic design. They resemble the anatomical representation of a human body. Eyes, nose, ears, mouth, chest and abdominal muscles are clearly visible. The standing punching bag bounces and swings back, similar to a punching ball. However, its strike area is larger.

Thanks to its anatomical shape and the representation of human body parts, you can better practice elbow and knee strikes. With the help of the standing punching bag you will increase your punching power and your accuracy. The advantage is the height adjustment. This means that you can first train with a partner at eye level before transforming him into a smaller or larger training partner.

Technical details

The boxing dummy has different sizes. The model, which is available extra-large version, enjoys great popularity. The human body shape scores with the height adjustment. You can adjust it between 1.50 and 2.00 meters. By adjusting the boxing dummy to your individual needs, you bring variety to your training sessions.

You can fill the base according to your wishes. Sand or water usually serve as filling. Both allow a safe stand. If necessary, you have the possibility to change the filling. You can also change the location at any time according to your wishes. You don’t have to go to great lengths to do this, as the base has practical castors.

As soon as you fill the base completely, the total weight of a doll with the extra-large body shape is 122 kilograms. The dimensions amount to a height worth 40 centimeters. The diameter of the body is 60 centimeters. Thanks to the sturdy base, you can place the boxing dummy anywhere in the training room. Drilling and hammering are unnecessary with this training device.

Furthermore, the boxing dummy is made of a robust material. The neck scores with its bendable design. In contrast, the belly is characterized by a higher degree of hardness. The boxing dummy has proven itself in numerous martial arts. Training is quieter than with a punching bag hanging from the ceiling. Thanks to the height adjustment, both men and women benefit from a higher quality of training.

Due to the high-quality workmanship, martial artists enjoy a long service life of their boxing dummy. The realistic design allows the imitation of real training situations. The stand is characterized by a firm footing. This prevents the dummy from slipping. Once you put a T-shirt on your boxing dummy, you don’t need gloves, as long as you aim at the upper body.

Boxing dummy Bob

Due to its good workmanship and easy installation, the boxing dummy Bob enjoys great popularity in the martial arts scene. You can quickly change its height. He is also durable. Thanks to its material, workmanship and dimensions, this boxing dummy convinces numerous martial artists of its quality. The striking surface is large and thus increases the accuracy.

Bob also survives numerous attacks with wooden clubs and knife dummies. Due to its high dead weight, it acts as a good partner substitute. It is suitable not only for MMA and self-defense, but also for karate, teakwondo or wing tsun. However, its purchase price is 460 euros. However, its high-quality design justifies the high price.

Century Original BOB Boxdummy Standboxsack Boxsack 152-198cm - Kampfsport MMA Boxen Kickboxen Taekwondo
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  • IDEAL FÜR JEDEN - Freistehender (free-standing)...
  • Century is a well-known brand in North America for martial arts products and has developed and perfected the BOB – Body Opponent Bag since 1998. This boxing set is designed for fitness and stress relief, as well as efficient achievement of training goals. With thickly padded hitting zones, it allows you to practice boxing punches and kicks, and can be used both with and without gloves.
  • The boxing dummy is freestanding and has a realistic looking vinyl “skin”, making it suitable for authentic training both at home and in the gym. It is suitable for teenagers and adults, beginners and professionals, regardless of gender.
  • The height of the boxing trainer is adjustable from 152 to 198 cm , so it can be adapted to almost all body sizes. The base of the dummy can be filled with water or sand to achieve a weight of up to 122 kg, which provides high stability, even during intense punches and kicks.
  • In addition to its use as a training tool for martial arts, the BOB can also be used for general fitness and stress relief. It provides versatile training for various punching and kicking techniques and gives realistic feedback thanks to its padded vinyl skin. It is equally suitable for home fitness workouts, and is especially popular for cardio kickboxing, which exercises almost all muscle groups. The BOB is also suitable as a stress relief method for the whole family, helping to release pent-up frustrations.

Tips for using the boxing dummy

A boxing dummy, or stand-up punching bag, can be a great training tool for boxing training at home. Here are some tips on how to use a boxing dummy:

Placement of the boxing dummy:

  • Space: choose a place that has enough space around the dummy so that you can move freely and strike from different angles. Note that you need both horizontal and vertical space.
  • Floor: Place the boxing dummy on a solid, level surface. Carpeted floors can work, but a hard floor is ideal. Some people use training mats to protect the floor and provide additional stability.

Avoid damage to the home:

  • Space: as mentioned earlier, you will need enough space around the dummy to avoid accidentally hitting walls or furniture.
  • Floor protection: If you place the dummy on a hard floor (e.g. wood or tiles), you might consider placing a mat or carpet underneath to avoid scratches or other damage.

Care and maintenance of the boxing dummy:

  • Cleaning: Wipe down the dummy after each training session to remove sweat and dirt. You can use warm water and a mild soap for this.
  • Inspection: Check the dummy regularly for cracks or other damage. On some models, parts can be replaced if they are damaged.

Volume during training:

  • Volume: Training with a boxing dummy can be loud, especially if you hit hard. The loudness can depend on the construction of the dummy and the type of material used.
  • Noise reduction: a mat or rug under the dummy can help reduce the noise. You might also consider training at times when you are less likely to disturb others.

Other tips:

  • Training: always start with a warm-up before training with the boxing dummy and end with a cool-down. This can prevent injuries and improve your performance.
  • Protective equipment: Always wear gloves and bandages to protect your hands and wrists. Even if the dummy is soft, hitting it repeatedly can cause injury if you are not properly protected.
  • Variety: try to incorporate a variety of punches and movements into your workout. This not only makes the workout more interesting, but also helps to work different muscle groups and improve your skills.


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