The common judo equipment includes a belt, a jacket and judo pants. In this article we deal with topics around the judo pants. Here you will learn what to look for when buying, what sizes are available and much more.

In 30 seconds the most important:

  • For a classic, white judo pants (also called Zubon) must be invested about 20€.
  • Make sure the pants fit well (see size chart below). Choose judo pants with a higher thickness, they last longer and can absorb sweat better
  • Your judo pants must be machine washable (e.g. at 40° in the classic spin cycle)

Buy Judo Pants

Here you can find a selection of popular judo pants on Amazon. To buy a Judo pants, even with brand manufacturers are not more than 20 – 25 euros necessary.

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 adidas Judohose blau IJF 180 cm adidas Judohose blau IJF 180 cm No ratings yet 79,95 EUR
2 Judohose Randori weiß Judohose Randori weiß No ratings yet 26,33 EUR
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The pants are, along with the jacket and the belt, an integral part of the judo suit of a judoka. We try to give answers to common questions below.

Judo Hose
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What function must the pants perform?

The top function is to cool the body by absorbing sweat, so it is the same as the function of the jacket. Furthermore, the pants must provide the wearer with an enormous ability to move, since certain throws, such as leg sickles, would be difficult to perform with skinny jeans.

The pants, just like the jackets, are usually made of 100% cotton and sometimes synthetic fabrics.

Special features of judo pants compared to other martial arts pants

Due to the high percentage of ground fighting, judo pants are reinforced in the area of the knees to prevent the heavy wear of the material and to protect the knees of the competitors at least a little bit. This is done by sewing in additional layers of fabric. Thus, the thickness of this padding depends, at least predominantly, on the overall thickness of the fabric of the judo pants.

What to look for when buying judo pants?

In general, stronger judo pants, apart from a higher price, have no disadvantages. Instead, as with jackets, the advantages manifest themselves in the form of better sweat absorption and longer durability.

In judo, the jacket and pants are worn in the same color, with white and blue being the most common. However, if you buy a complete beginner’s set at the beginning of your judo career, as most newcomers do, you do not need to pay further attention to this. The individual parts match each other in color.

Of course, it is also important that you choose theright size pants. They must sit well on the stomach without pressing and they must not slip. In training you are barefoot, so they must not be too long

Which size is the right one?

Similar to the jacket, the classification is done in body sizes. Due to the very wide cut, the judo pants usually fit every student in this size category. For fixing either an elastic waistband, a lacing or both together are used.

In rare cases, depending on the manufacturer and model, it may happen that another size fits better. Ideally, you will have the chance to go to a store to buy judo pants, where you can try them on beforehand.

Men sizes

Groessentabelle Hose Herren

Women sizes

Groessentabelle Hose Damen

Children sizes

Groessentabelle Hose Kinder

Cleaning the Judo Pants

A gentle wash cycle in the machine is the right way to get your pants fresh again for the next training. However, do not use temperatures above 40° and spin cycles at high speed. Ideally, you simply follow the washing instructions of the manufacturer, if available.

For drying, you can simply hang up the judo pants and spread a towel underneath, so that any drops do not cause damage to your floor. If you have a dryer, then use only the lowest setting, because the cotton also reacts to dry heat with shrinkage.

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