You wear gloves in kickboxing as the most important utensil for your protection when sparring in training or in competition. They belong to the mandatory equipment in all disciplines. What strength, size and materials your model should be made of we present to you in the following.

In 30 seconds the most important:

  • The strength of the kickboxing gloves is determined by the association, in training a large cushioning is to be selected to spare your training partners.
  • For closures, only Velcro closures are allowed (for competitions), lacing, plastic or metal elements are prohibited.
  • For sizes you can choose from standard sizes, too much air can be easily adjusted with tape.
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Since one or the other certainly still has questions about the kickboxing gloves, we have directly collected a few answers to the most common questions.

Kickboxen Handschuh

What thickness should the kickboxing gloves have?

In general, the stronger the glove, the better the cushioning effect. This applies to both sides, of course. With increasing strength, the danger of a broken nose for your opponent and the danger of broken fingers for yourself decreases.

WAKO specifies different strengths for the various disciplines and requires that the gloves have been specifically approved by WAKO.

  • In pointfighting the gloves must have a weight of 8 oz and in all other disciplines 10 oz.
  • There are also even stronger gloves available up to 18 oz. These can be worn in training for extra protection and in some tournaments, as other federations may have different rules.
  • Check the rulebook of the federation in question if you are unsure.

Glove size and closure

There are usually no size charts for the gloves, as they are usually universal sizes. Some manufacturers also offer the well-known sizes S, M, L and XL. If you have very large hands, some manufacturers also offer models that are labeled as “Large” and thus offer a little more space. Consider this also if you want or have to fight with bandages.

If you have particularly small hands, a women’s gl ove might fit you, as they are cut a good bit smaller. In special cases, if no glove feels right the first time, only a long-term test in practice will help. It feels very unfamiliar at first.

Velcro fasteners are mandatory in WAKO. In some cases an additional fixation at the wrist with tape is allowed. Gloves with metal or plastic fasteners also exist, but these are just as forbidden as those with laces made of fabric or leather. Keep this in mind if you want to buy gloves for kickboxing. Of course, again, different federation, different rules. Check the competition rules of your federation before you decide.

Materials used and cleaning

The most commonly used outer material is leather, in the real or artificial form. However, there are also some models with a coating of PU, a synthetic material. Under the outer skin is a core of soft synthetic material, which provides the curvature of the fist and gives the cushioning effect.

Cleaning gloves should therefore be done with care, as genuine leather is known to crack if it absorbs too much moisture or is dried too quickly. The cleaning of genuine leather is best done with a damp cloth and do not dry the gloves on the heater. This shortens the life of the leather many times over.

This also applies to kickboxing gloves made of synthetic leather and PU, although these two are not quite as sensitive. All materials used can be sealed with an impregnation. However, depending on the material, a different impregnation material must be used. Genuine leather in particular reacts unfriendly to treatment with the wrong agents.

Buy popular kickboxing gloves

If you do not have a specific model in focus, you can buy one of the shown kickboxing gloves, most of them come from renowned manufacturers and have been well received by previous buyers.

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