Since in martial arts especially the powerful kicks for both sides bring an increased risk of injury, you wear shin guards in kickboxing. They protect not only your own leg, but also the head of your opponent

We present you a number of popular models and and offer 4 important tips for buying good protectors.

In 30 seconds the most important thing:

  • Decide whether you want to buy a shin guard with or without instep guard (Our recommendation: with instep guard).
  • It is best to choose a shin guard made of leather or plastic, both are easy to clean – and remember: hard inserts are forbidden
  • Invest in a good model that you can enjoy for a long time: with a good fit and high-quality workmanship – brand manufacturers often meet this requirement.
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Shin guards in the test

If you want to see the shin guards in action again, you can still watch the following video. In the test shin guards and instep guards from Danrho, Topten, Phoenix, Kwon are tested in kickboxing training.


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Shin guard FAQ: 4 tips for buying

We have collected a number of answers to common questions for you below, we hope yours is included and answered :-).

Schienbeinschoner Kickboxen

Types of shin guards

Distinction: shin guards with or without instep guards

Basically, the shin guards are divided into models with or without instep protection. For fighters in the disciplines “VK with Low-Kick” or “K1-Rules” at the WAKO the variants with instep protection are mandatory. For other federations different rules may apply.

  • Shin guards without instep guards resemble the cheapest in soccer, are strapped on and cover only the shin or shin and ankle.
  • The shin guard with instep protection, also called shin instep protection by some manufacturers, contains an additional element which additionally covers the top of the foot and the ankles as well and is pulled over the foot.

Available materials and models

Attention shin guards with hard inserts prohibited

Again, with or without instep protectors, there are 2 different model variants. Keep in mind, when you get the protectors for the competition, that many competition rules in kickboxing prohibit shin guards with hard inserts.

  • The first variant consists of a core made of a synthetic, resilient material (usually foam, in some cases harder materials) and is held by a sturdy shell. In these cases, the cover is made of vinyl or imitation leather, for example. This variant is strapped to the back of the lower leg with Velcro straps.
  • In variant 2, we again find the springy foam wedge, but this time it is held in place by a very soft material. This variant is put on like a sock and is made entirely of textiles, for example cotton. Additional lacing is not necessary, due to the slightly elastic material.

Known manufacturers

Wide range of brand manufacturers

Due to the wide spread of kickboxing and the similarity with Muay Thai, there is a large amount of manufacturers where you can buy kickboxing shin guards.

Well-known manufacturers are, for example, the martial arts brands KWON, Budoten, WACOCU, Tokaido, Ju-Sports and DanRho, all of which are in the mid-price range. Those of you who want to dig a little deeper into their pockets can buy models from the well-known brand Adidas or the manufacturers RDX or King.

Cleaning the shin guards

Cleanliness and hygiene

The possibilities of cleaning vary greatly depending on the materials used.

  • Surfaces made of artificial leather can be cleaned with a damp cloth and rubbed dry. Just do not use heat to dry here, as it can make the surface porous.
  • Vinyl is even a little more resistant and can be cleaned with a wet cloth without hesitation. When it comes to drying, vinyl is also less complicated, but is best air-dried as well. So cleaning these models should be done with a little care.
  • For the variant, which is made entirely of textiles, different rules apply. These are often designed to tolerate machine washing. In this case, you must observe the temperature that the manufacturer in the washing instructions, do not include textiles with zippers, and best of all, do not use the spin cycle. The advantage of this variant is that it can be cleaned hygienically without difficulty.

Buy instep guards & shin guards

If you do not have a particular favorite yet, you can buy the following kickboxing shin guards. They have already received good reviews from previous buyers and are certainly an option for you as well.

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