If you decide to learn Muay Thai after an initial trial training, you will soon be looking at equipment and wristband colors.

In the following article we would like to introduce you to the order of the individual colors and offer tips on equipment.

In 30 seconds the most important:

  • The basic equipment includes first of all a short and boxing gloves
  • In addition, there is protective equipment: gumshields, groin guards, shin guards and head guards.
  • A colored bracelet, the so-called “Prajeat”, shows the training progress

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Equipment for Muay Thai training

In Muay Thai, the fight attire consists of at least a pair of Muay Thai shorts and the obligatory boxing gloves. In addition, you can wear a groin guard, body protector and mouth guard and shin guards. Different types of bandages can also be used. They can prevent more serious injuries in case of emergency.

Graduations and colors

Muay Thai is considered a Thai cultural asset, which is why this martial art is promoted and protected by the Thai state. The International Amateur Muay Thai Federation (I.A.M.T.F.) is responsible for examinations and trainer training in Muay Thai. In many Asian martial arts, the level of graduation can be recognized by the color of the belt . In Muay Thai it is different, because the level of gradu ation is expressed by the color of the bracelet. This bracelet has the form of a cord and is also called Prajeat.

It is worn on the upper arm and has a different color depending on the Khan grading:

  1. Khan: white Prajeat
  2. Khan: yellow Prajeat
  3. Khan: yellow-white Prajeat
  4. Khan: green prajeat
  5. Khan: green-white prajeat
  6. Khan: blue prajeat
  7. Khan: blue-white prajeat
  8. Khan: brown prajeat
  9. Khan: brown-white prajeat
  10. Khan: red prajeat
  11. Khan: red-white prajeat – C-trainer
  12. Khan: red-yellow prajeat – B-trainer
  13. Khan: red-silver prajeat – A-Trainer
  14. Khan: silver prajeat – master of Muay Thai
  15. Khan: golden prajeat – Grand Master

More about the exams

Muay Thai Ausrüstung

The examination and training program is recognized by the Thai Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The examinations also include the old Muay Thai techniques, which were practiced earlier, when the fight was still without boxing gloves. It is these old techniques, which are no longer used in competition today, that are a valuable aid in self-defense on the street. In addition, the examination program also includes stick and knife defense techniques and ground fighting.

Fun fact: From the 11th Khan onwards, basic knowledge of traditional Thai massage must also be demonstrated. Every athlete gets a Thai sport passport. It is recognized by the government in Thailand. In the passport all competitions, training courses, licenses and examinations are registered. To take the Muay Thai exams, you do not necessarily have to participate in competitions.

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