As the successor of the oldest weapons in the world (the club), today there are several variants of batons. They differ in shape, size and weight, but the principles of use are the same everywhere: a baton increases the radius of the blow, attacks can be repelled and you can defend yourself effectively. But how do you use it best and what do you have to consider – learn more here!

The most important things in 30 seconds

  • A baton is ideal for home defense, but it is forbidden to use it in public.
  • A baton is an effective defensive weapon for people with strength, but not for the weak.
  • Due to higher range and leverage you can defend yourself even against several opponents
  • The police baton is called a tonfa and is not legal to purchase.
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Legal situation: is a baton legal?

A baton (so ultimately a defensive stick or extended object, like a broom) is basically legal! But you have to go into detail here (possession, carrying, use, etc.). What there are legal things to consider, we would like to present in the following:

Acquisition & possession of batons

The acquisition and possession of batons, with the exception of billy clubs and steel rods, is legal in Germany. So you can buy and possess a baton, a baseball bat or any other object that serves as a baton on the internet or in specialized shops.

Public carrying

The public carrying without legitimate interest (e.g. professional practice – but not for self-defense), however, is prohibited under §42a WaffG. Why the baton is a cutting and thrusting weapon is probably self-explanatory, based on the name. Storing it in the car counts as carrying and is therefore punishable.

A baseball bat, on the other hand, is to be seen as a piece of sports equipment. However, there could be (legitimate) questions from the police if you carry a baseball bat on the way to a soccer derby. Furthermore, it must not have been modified in any way.

Duties when carrying

You can only carry the baton if it is in a lockable case. Simply storing it in the trunk is also considered “carrying” and can lead to trouble during a police check.

However, this does not applyat home, it only applies to carrying the baton in public.

Attention during demonstrations

As always, the following applies to a stun gun, a knife or a baton: weapons (or things that can be used as weapons) have no place in crowds, demonstrations or other events with many people and can get you into trouble.


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Baton legal? At “Attention control” there is a concrete case:

Variants of batons

At this point we would like to offer you a number of tips on the use of batons. There are a number of versions of batons. The simple versions have a stick-like shape and are usually a little thinner at the handle than at the tip.

Baton or baseball bat

These simple “rubber truncheons” look like smaller versions of a baseball bat, but are made of plastic or rubber. The tip is usually slightly weighted to increase the effect. For hitting, this variant works very well, for blocking it is only moderately suitable.

A baseball bat is a piece of sports equipment and can easily be purchased in stores. Similarly, you can use a shovel as an object for self-protection. Therefore, there are no restrictions here

Tonfa: Police baton

The baton often used by the police, also called tonfa, is a straight baton with a right-angled handle. The separate handle allows for many more striking techniques and angles than a normal baton. This variant is also very suitable for blocking blunt object attacks because of the handle. This variant is reserved for the police.

Telescopic baton

A telescopic b aton is a thin, extendable baton, which usually consists of two or three segments. When retracted, it is usually shorter than 30 centimeters and can therefore be better hidden. It is used in many countries, especially by the police. It is made of a solid material and can be extended through the telescope.

It is legal and can be bought from 18 years old, only proof of age is required for this.

The death bat

Deadbeats or steel rods, which are flexible objects with a weighted end, are also available in various online stores, but in Germany they belong to the prohibited weapons according to WaffG Annex 2, Section 1, 1.3.2. Take note of this, as you are already committing an offense against the Weapons Act by possessing it.

The “Tonfa” – police baton | © DulleDjuro –

Baton use: tips

The length and weight of the baton are made to increase the specially applied striking force by leverage, moreover, all parts of the baton can be used for thrusting.

  • However, its use requires a certain amount of one’s own strength, which makes the use of a baton suitable only for people with some basic fitness.
  • In addition, the swinging behavior should be practiced so that one learns to handle the weight of the device. Here, a quasi-slinging motion must be performed so that the swing energy is used.


The Tonfa also offers the possibility to act as a reinforced forearm by folding the stick. This technique is used, for example, to counter enemy attacks. In this way, blows with much larger objects can be blocked without serious damage. The baton can therefore be used like a shield.

In addition, with the baton you have a self-defense weapon that increases your range. You can also keep the attacker at a distance this way.


The baton is most effectively used against individual attackers, as it requires extensive training to face entire groups of attackers with a blunt melee weapon

  • You can strike and thrust with a baton. It is also advantageous that by using a baton, and especially a telescopic baton, you have a longer striking range. This means that you also have a chance against larger attackers.
  • When a blow is struck, the force is further amplified by the leverage effect and the mass of the baton also picks up momentum, so a blow can be quite painful.
  • A powerful thrust is also possible. With the blunt tip, a targeted attack on the opponent’s upper body can be carried out, thus gaining time for escape.

However, defending a single person also requires a certain amount of practice. It is best to get professional help in the form of a course, otherwise in an emergency situation you will be relying on a self-defense weapon that you may not know how to use.


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Defense & use of a baton – tips in video.

Dangers of use

As always, the use of weapons against people is usually interpreted as dangerous bodily harm. Use the baton only in the context of self-defense.

  • The greatest danger is the injury of the opponent. Especially people who already have enough strength themselves run the risk of inflicting fatal injuries with a baton. You should generally hold back with hits to the head, but you can also destroy a lot in the torso. Internal bleeding in the stomach, kidneys or intestines is by no means impossible.
  • Another disadvantage with improper handling of the defense sticks is the disarming by the attacker. In self-defense courses or in various martial arts you can learn how to strike with close combat weapons quickly, accurately and, above all, in a measured manner.

5 alternatives to the baton

As already mentioned, the baton is: 1) not necessarily suitable for weaker people and 2) there are big restrictions on carrying it. Therefore, here are a few good alternatives:

  • The self-defense umbrella: Here you also have a protective weapon that increases your striking radius. Furthermore, there are no known restrictions on carrying it.
  • Pepper spray or pepper gun: This is a good way to ward off attackers, especially for weaker people.
  • Shotgun: A shotgun may be carried with a small firearms license. In addition, you can effectively defend yourself against attacks.
  • Kubotan: If you are strong and nimble, a Kubotan can significantly increase your close combat abilities.
  • Stun gun: In case of an attacker, a stun gun is also a way to defend yourself.

Buying a baton

Should you want to buy a baton, you can check Amazon. The following offers show a selection of products, for more information about the product please visit Amazon.

With a baton must always be considered that there are certain rules regarding the carrying. Furthermore, the self-defense weapon is only effective if you yourself have strength. But then you can increase your range and defend yourself well. If you have less physical strength, then it is better to use CS gas or a pistol.

FAQ about batons

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