Due to the emergence from karate, most federations have adopted the kickboxing belts with. In this section you should learn what belt colors there are, how to achieve them, how in kickboxing weight classes are formed and what rules apply in competition.

In 30 seconds the most important:

  • In kickboxing, there are Kyu student grades (colored belts) as well as Dan master grades (black belts).
  • For the next higher belt there are usually minimum waiting periods. Defensive and attack techniques, theory and at the 3rd Kyu there are also sparring fights.
  • The complete kickboxing equipment consists of shorts, protective gear as well as the belt.
Kwon Kampfsportgürtel, versch. Farben gelb 220 cm
  • Alle KWON-Budo-Gürtel sind aus 100%
  • fester Baumwolle und mehrmals gesteppt.
  • Es gibt sie in den Längen 200, 220,

Requirements for belt colors

Prior knowledge from previous exams will be asked in bullet point format. The exams for the individual grades are as follows:

White beltAs a beginner you have a so-called “white” belt, whereby here simply none is worn at all. There is also no examination.
Yellow beltThe examinee to the 5th Kyu has a waiting period of 6 months and receives the yellow belt if successful. You must demonstrate safe movement in the fighting stance, execute various straight and forward kicks on the paws, be able to roll forward and backward, defend against your basic techniques and fend off choke attacks. You must also be able to define the concept of self-defense in a meaningful way.
Orange beltAfter a preparation time of also 6 months you can take the kickboxing exam to the 4th Kyu. Here the shadow kickboxing is added as an examination part and you must now be able to hit hooks with your fists, as well as master the half circle kick. In self-defense you have to start a fall, defend yourself against a headlock as well as forearm chokes and free yourself from wrist grabs. The theory part requires your knowledge of semi-contact fighting.
Green beltAlso 6 months after the 4th Kyu you can take the examination for the 3rd Kyu. Here you can additionally expect the uppercuts with the fists as well as the sideways kicks with the legs. In the self-defense you should master the lateral falling and defend yourself against clutches. For the first time you will also have to show a short sparring against all known attacks. In theory you will be tested on your knowledge of light and full contact fighting.
Blue beltAfter 6 months as a green belt you can achieve the training level of the 2nd Kyu. For this you must consolidate the hand techniques of the preliminary stages and learn the axe kick as well as the kick with the outer instep. The sparring is part of the exam, as well as the self-defense against stick attacks and multiple opponents. The theory consists of the knowledge of the history of kickboxing and the forms rules.
Brown beltAs a 1st Kyu you have 1 year preparation time and must also learn the foot sweep and hook kick. The demonstration of all learned techniques in sparring, all fall exercises and defense against knife attacks and multiple opponents make this the most difficult Kyu program. Theory consists of a summary of all previous levels and a teaching example.
Black belt (1st Dan)If you have successfully passed the 1st Dan exam, you may call yourself a master in kickboxing. For this, however, you must master the punching and kicking techniques of all student grades and be able to use them safely in sparring offensively and defensively. Furthermore, you are now required to jump kicks and defense against attacks where you are on the ground. In addition, you need a course in first aid three other courses, one of which must be a referee course.
Black belt (2nd Dan)The kickboxing exam for 2nd Dan requires 2 years of preparation time and a special preparation course, as well as the C-license as a referee. The examination program is performed completely independently from here on.
Black belt (3rd Dan)For the 3rd Dan you need 3 years of preparation, a C-training license and you must be able to show an assignment as a referee on state or national level.
Black belt (from 4th Dan)The awarding takes place on application of the federal federation by the world federation. For this you must have special kickboxing specific achievements to show.

Kickboxing belts and exams

By taking over from karate, in kickboxing Dan and Kyu degrees are obtained by the student, although not all federations have introduced the belt colors. The individual umbrella organizations have here partly different requirements, which is why we will present in detail here the belt examinations of the WAKO (as the largest organization). Between the individual grades, waiting periods are prescribed, which serve as preparation for the corresponding kickboxing exam. The exam parts are:

  • Fighting stance, shadow kickboxing (from 4. Kyu)
  • Hand techniques
  • Foot techniques
  • Combinations of hand techniques
  • Combinations hand-foot techniques
  • Defense combinations
  • Sparring (from 3. Kyu)
  • Self-defense
  • Theory

Buy Kickboxing Belt

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Table of belt length

Body sizeBelt length
under 1,50 m2,30 m to 2,50 m
1,50 m to 1,75 m2.50 m to 2.70 m
1.75 m to 1.90 m2.70 m to 3.00 m
over 1,90 m3,00 m to 3,30 m

FAQ about the belt

In kickboxing, as in many other martial arts, you wear a belt, what this has on itself, how long it should be, etc. we answer you in the following.

Kickboxen Gürtel

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