Taekwondo equipment for training

For your Taekwondo training you need of course suitable equipment. The mandatory equipment is of course the classic white suit and the belt that you have acquired. Here you can find some background information about the most important equipment for Taekwondo.

Standard equipment for Taekwondo

Taekwondo equipment for beginners

For a trial training you do not have to buy equipment for 500€. Training is done in any case with loose training clothes and barefoot. You must first find out for yourself whether the martial art is suitable for you.

If you like Taekwondo, you can increase your equipment. This includes in detail:

  • A Taekwondo suit (Dobok), consisting of a trouser, jacket
  • A Taekwondo belt (white at the beginning, then colored according to progress)
  • Usual sports equipment (bag, water bottle, towel, etc.)

The suit will not only make you look more like your classmates, but will also make your workout more comfortable thanks to its cooling properties.

Equipment as advanced and professional

What equipment is useful here, can not be answered so easily and depends primarily on the style practiced. Most federations belong to the WTF and thus wear a full protection at competitions. But you need this only when you start with the competitions. The equipment could then look like this:

  • 2 pairs of Taekwondo suits + belt
  • Usual sports equipment
  • Tape for stressed joints & regions
  • Head protection (with or without visor)
  • Foot and hand protection
  • Combat vest
  • Taekwondo shoes for winter

Which Taekwondo accessories are exactly needed, can certainly tell you your coach best.

Taekwondo accessories buy online

Which Taekwondo equipment is exactly needed, depends on your level: As a beginner, a suit and belt is enough – advanced and professionals may need full protection. You can buy this conveniently online:

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