A grappling dummy can be compared to a wooden dummy in Wing Chun. It improves the technical skills, strength and condition of martial artists. The dummy made of imitation leather is mainly used in sports whose main focus is grappling. Numerous martial artists appreciate its loyalty and reliability. After all, compared to a living partner, this doll does not get tired or hurt.

The most important thing in advance:

  • Grappling dummies are dolls that are used in ground fighting styles.
  • They are available in different sizes and varieties.
  • Judoka, wrestlers, mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters also rely on the grappling dummy during training.
  • The training dummy allows practicing shoulder throws, which in practice with a real partner fall short.
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Purpose and background

In karate, karateka use the makiwara as a partner substitute, boxers rely on their punching bag and wrestlers, judoka mixed martial arts as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters rely on the grappling dummy. This is a reliable training partner that is used in various martial arts. The dummy impresses with its real life size and firm filling. In addition, it has a thick skin and durable patience.

The special feature of the Grappling Dummy is its possibility of use. Since it does not hang from the ceiling like a punching bag or stand on the floor like a makiwara, it is used in the numerous ground fighting styles. Martial artists, thanks to the training dummy, improve their:

  • Endurance
  • Technique
  • Strength

Judoka, wrestlers as well as the other martial artists who train ground fighting use the grappling dummy to practice leverage and throwing techniques. In addition, there is no risk of injury with the dummy. It never gives up and is present in every training session.

Training and exercises with a grappling dummy


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  • Grappling dummies are great for perfecting throwing techniques. Therefore, throwing dummies exist in numerous weight classes. They range from light to heavy. There are also special dummies for teenagers and women.
  • However, you should choose the weight carefully and consider in advance what you want to train. After all, you have a choice between conditioning, technical and strength training. However, a high weight can hinder you in an effective workout.
  • However, you should take into account that the grappling dummy, unlike a real partner, remains lying after a throw. Thus, you will have to pick it up every time. As a result, a light dummy becomes a heavy dummy after being picked up several times.
  • Judoka put a gi on their dummy. This allows them to better practice their throwing techniques thanks to a proper grip.
  • In addition, there are specific training dummies for traditional Roman-Greek wrestling. In this martial art, wrestlers fight only above their belt line. Therefore, in these models the lower half of the body is in a block. However, the conventional grappling dummies have elastic arms and legs.
  • Kickboxers , on the other hand, need a specific dummy. This one can withstand kicks and punches. It is not designed to be thrown. This model is similar in appearance to a throwing dummy, but it hangs on the wall like a punching bag.

Product features of the grappling dummy

  • In terms of property, the dummy resembles a punching bag. The skin is made of a durable synthetic leather. It is stitched several times. In addition, it is easy to clean. Therefore, the grappling dummy is characterized by high durability. Its filling is dimensionally stable, analogous to the punching bag. Thus, the dummy always keeps its shape, even when thrown.
  • Grappling dummies are available in different sizes and weight classes. In Judo as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, athletes usually fight in their weight class. Therefore, they should choose a dummy that resembles their weight. The filling is composed of sand, fabric or leather scraps. For endurance training, dolls that weigh at least 50 kilograms are suitable. Since you are responsible for filling the grappling dummy yourself, you have the choice of how heavy you want your doll to be
  • However, most dealers deliver the dolls without filling. Therefore, the first task of the fighters is to fill them themselves. You have a choice between fabric scraps or sand. The latter is available in hardware stores at a reasonable price. Those who prefer to use fabric scraps rely on their old clothes. Alternatively, they acquire inexpensive fabric remnants at the tailor. Rubber granules also function as a filling option.
  • The size of the dolls is usually 180 centimeters. In terms of size, choose a grappling dummy that most closely matches your height or the opponent you want to take on
  • If you want to practice intensive strength training, you need a dummy that is heavier. If, on the other hand, you have a regular technique workout in mind, you’ll need a lighter object. Thus, your goal with regard to the doll training plays a decisive role in the filling. You should also prefer a softer doll filling for technique training. Sand is not suitable in this case.
  • The price of a dummy starts at about 60 euros, higher quality models quickly reach 150 euros.

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