Karate accessories for training

It is of course obvious that for karate training the karate gi, that is the suit consisting of jacket, pants and belt, is an important requirement. However, there are a number of other karate accessories that become important at the latest for advanced athletes

Which equipment is meant and what to consider when choosing a karate suit, we present here.

Standard equipment for karate training

For your first taster training you don’t need any equipment yet, sports pants and t-shirt are enough. But if you stick with it and develop a passion for karate, you will need basic equipment, more about this in the following posts:

Equipment for training

The choice of equipment you need depends mainly on your choice of which path you want to take. A kumite competitor will need much more equipment than a kata competitor and a karateka who only does his belt exams without competing will need almost none of the things we present in this section.

Fist protectors

They are a compulsory accessory in all kumite competitions and serve to protect both fighters, since a fist can break just like a rib.

  • Although it is prescribed by the rules to stop the techniques in front of the body, the fist protectors are indispensable for the health of the karateka, since it comes out of the fight but occasionally hits.
  • For clear identification one competitor wears red and the other blue karate fist protectors.
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Shin guards

The karate shin guards are used to protect against hits with the shin bone, because this bone is extremely resistant. It would damage anything that enters its path and the risk of injury when executing a block against foot techniques would be very high for both fighters without the protection.

  • There are versions made of pure fabric, usually cotton, which look more like a bandage, as well as versions with leather-like plastic fibers (vinyl).
  • The shin guards are also worn in red and blue, matching the fist guards.
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Foot Guards

Karate foot protectors serve to protect the opponent from too hard hits and also protect your own feet, because a block executed with momentum can very quickly damage the metatarsal.

  • The karate foot protectors are available in the variant completely made of fabric, vinyl and also with leather.
  • Red and blue karate foot protectors are also used here.
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Punch Pad

Indispensable for training powerful punching techniques are different variants of punching pads. They are available for one hand, for the whole upper body, for free hanging or for wall mounting. You don’t necessarily need all of them, but you can choose the one that suits your training program.

  • For example, if you want to try out different punch combinations, two one-handed pads are ideal.
  • For kicks, on the other hand, the large, two-handed pads are more suitable.
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A karate mouthguard is not anchored in all rules and regulations as a duty, but makes perfect sense. Especially if you already have misalignments in the jaw or teeth, you should get a suitable mouthguard, so that they do not worsen.

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Buy karate equipment online

The required karate accessories can be easily ordered online. Orientation offers size tables or if it is not otherwise possible the free return and choice of another size.

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