Kickboxing equipment: accessories for the training session

Sport is much more fun with the right equipment. In kickboxing, this is manageable, in addition to a suit consisting of pants, jacket and belt, shin guards may be useful

You will find some helpful tips in the following articles.

Standard equipment for kickboxing

You will not get around the following equipment for kickboxing. For the first training session, however, it is sufficient if you appear in a normal sports outfit.

What kickboxing equipment do beginners need?

For the first training a loose training clothes with a lot of freedom of movement is sufficient. In the first sessions, your trainer will first familiarize you with the techniques and not immediately put you into a full-contact fight.

After a few weeks, when you are sure that you want to learn kickboxing, there are special, usually ankle-length pants that you can buy in sports stores. Various pictures of male kickboxers fighting bare-chested circulate on the Internet. However, this is not mandatory, the kickboxing jackets or complete suits are available from different manufacturers in different price ranges. Furthermore, depending on the association you still need protective equipment.

Other accessories

In addition to the classic equipment, such as suit, gloves and Co. there is other equipment, which is however not already necessary in the first training hour.

  • Boxing gloves
  • Foot protectors
  • Shin guards
  • Head protection
  • Gumshield
  • Groin protector
  • Chest protector (only for women)

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